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SEC Hoops Power Rankings... My Version, Pt 1

Each week, our own HHKB Chris has done a great job of setting up and compiling the SEC Basketball Power Rankings. Each week, I participate with my own take. I thought it would be a good idea to show you my ballot each week so you can see what I'm thinking when I submit my picks. I have yet to look at the previous week's rankings when considering where to slot the teams, instead I look at the record to date, wins, losses, KenPom, RPI and BPI.

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Listed is the rank, team and record, with their KenPom ranking and rating, their RPI ranking and score, and their BPI rank and score. Followed by me being quippy.

1. Kentucky 12-0

Rank 1 1 1
Score .9773 .7179 96.2

Submitted before they play Louisville, but UK is at the top of everybody's list at this point. For a good reason.

2. Florida 7-4
Rank 15 110 35
Score .8870 .5381 79.4

Finding their footing a bit with everybody getting back healthy and eligible, still the second most talented team in the SEC. RPI doesn't like them right now, but KenPom and BPI recognize there is a reason this team has 4 losses, and probably won't lose much in conference play.

3. Arkansas 9-2
Rank 29 17 28
Score .8430 .6330 81.6

After a couple ugly losses, Razorbacks seem to be back on track with the home cooking.

4. LSU 9-2
Rank 54 24 36
Score .7693 .6229 79.4

Navigating through the lack of guard depth so far, and not the toughest out of conference schedule. Yet with Mickey & Martin, they'll be tough on a lot of teams.

5. Georgia 6-3
Rank 32 21 27
Score .8382 .6249 81.6

Solid wins over Seton Hall and Colorado have giving the Dawgs some momentum, could easily be ranked higher at this point.

6. South Carolina 6-3
Rank 34 80 42
Score .8337 .5632 79.1

Questions about their frontcourt depth don't matter when they defend and make shots. Duane Notice has been playing like an All SEC guard.

7. Alabama 7-3
Rank 74 47 69
Score .7212 .5919 69.8

After playing hard and well against Wichita State, Bama barely squeezed a win out over Appalachian State.

8. Texas A&M 7-3
Rank 66 56 48
Score .7460 .5821 75.6

Not a good loss to a pretty sub-par Kansas State team knocks them down a few pegs. Aggies epitomize the SEC, very good talent, play great sometimes, way too prone to sucking.

9. Vanderbilt 7-3
Rank 62 106 49
Score .7581 .5413 75.2

They've looked pretty good against some not so great teams, and Jones is a good enough player to carry them at times. And once again, that abomination of a gym will net them some wins in conference play.

10. Tennessee 6-4
Rank 99 65 95
Score .6700 .5730 65.6

Beat Butler, fight NC State tooth and nail, then barely beat Tennesssee Tech and Mercer. Tennessee is going to be a, shall we say, interesting team to watch this season.

11. Ole Miss 8-3
Rank 77 73 76
Score .7135 .5694 69.1

Way to squeak out a win over Coastal Carolina, guys. Ole Miss has been one of the most inconsistent teams.

12. Auburn 6-5
Rank 156 132 158
Score .5136 .5221 55.9

Apparently they aren't completely terrible when they have Antoine Mason, who makes them moderately better inasmuch as he gives them two people who can score sometimes.

13. Mizzou 5-6
Rank 170 165 190
Score .4843 .5027 50.2

The loss to Illinois showed that Mizzou has the potential to be not terrible, but they're still not good. The one thing going for Mizzou is the strength of their schedule, which is 4th in the SEC.

14. Mississippi State 5-5
Rank 140 168 168
Score .5523 .5017 54.0

A win against Jacksonville doesn't erase Arkansas State, USC-Upstate, Tulane, Oregon State and TCU. A really weak schedule has netted them 5 wins so far.

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KenPom, because it's awesome and the best:

I try to measure skills based on the opportunities for those skills to be observed. On the team level, this often means ratings the offense (and defense) on points scored (and allowed) per possession. That is the basis for the ratings system. If you're looking for info on what the columns mean on the ratings mean, please continue. If you don't like the ratings, wonder why I have your team too low, or wonder why the ratings don't look like the AP top 25, go here. (For information on preseason ratings, see this and this and this.)

RPI, the NCAA selection committee uses this:

The RPI (Rating Percentage Index) is a measure of strength of schedule and how a team does against that schedule. Created in 1981, the RPI is a tool used in selecting and seeding the 68 teams for the NCAA Men's basketball Division I tournament. RPI data includes games against Division I schools only.

BPI, Joe Lunardi uses this:

The Basketball Power Index (BPI) is a team rating system that accounts for the final score, pace of play, site, strength of opponent and absence of key players in every Division I men's game. BPI can be used to measure both how well a team has performed (going far beyond just wins and losses) and how powerful it is likely to be going forward.