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RMN Bowl Contest Update - The Ending Hurt the Most

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It had been a decent day....right up until the finish

Some people prefer nice weather, other dont really show up to the bowl game in Detroit
Some people prefer nice weather, other dont really show up to the bowl game in Detroit
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For those of you who are new to the RMN Bowl Contest and have any interest in how the Community does as a whole, you will soon learn the value of games like UCF/NC State O/U 49.  78.5% thought it would be UCF covering the measly 2.5 and 73% thought it would be a low scoring affair.  Alas, most were wrong.  So for the contest, the group slides to a success rate of 51.58%, with the all-time have moved up ever-so-slightly from the start of the contest to 51.3%

At the top, the Coin Phlip continues it's magical run, now sitting at 20-6.  It has company though, with duckitecture having joined it.  A small group of folks are one back at 19-7, including Don Carnero, fengsuede, and woodeson, with muwxman and RPT one back from there at 18-8.  Down on the other end, MizzouThrill has a one on nc stee as those two continue their fight out of the basement.

A BIG day today, with five bowl games before taking a day off tomorrow for the finish of the NFL season.  Let's take a look at how we can move the needle:

  • Cincy - 58.9%
  • Over - 58.9% (seriously, the exact same percentage)
  • Arizona State - 71.2%
  • Over - 62%
  • South Carolina - 51.5%
  • Over - 65.6%
  • BC - 59.5%
  • Over - 75.5%
  • USC - 81%
  • Under - 53.9%
Arizona State, more than 39 points in the Pinstripe Bowl and USC...that would be lovely today.

We will see how it all looks tomorrow morning.  In the meantime,  for those interested, you should be able to view the Results sheet HERE, while you should also be able to view the All-time records HERE.