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RMN Bowl Contest Update - Trending in the WRONG Direction

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Some decent action yesterday among the five bowl games, but the breaks did not go our way

It was ugly at times, but an exciting win nonetheless for Penn State over BC
It was ugly at times, but an exciting win nonetheless for Penn State over BC
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Certainly have some new names to mention among the leaders (and the bottom of the barrel'ers) after the first "moving" day of the bowl contest season.  At the top of the charts, wooderson has a one game lead over a trio of folks with a record of 26-10.  Sitting one back from him is Don Carnero, boner jamz 14 and mcboomofdoom. Three others are at 24-12, and then there is a break down to a large pack at 22-14. Some separation?

At the other end of the spectrum, IROC84 makes their first appearance in these posts, as they now own the worst record at 12-24.  MIzzouThrill remains in the hunt, one up from them, but is now joined by jlewingmu and former champ of the league (and one of the all-time top pickers) MU1839.

For the year, we are still over .500, but not by too much, and actually have caused the all-time record to trend down ever so slightly.  For the year, we are 98 picks to the good at 50.84%.  All-time has slipped down to 51.24% (thankfully it takes a lot to move that needle).

No games today, but the completion of Monday will mark the halfway point of the bowl season.  Let' s see what is on the docket and we think it will go.

  • aTm - 71.8%
  • Over - 73%
  • OU - 60.1%
  • Over - 58.3%
  • Arkansas - 90.2%
  • Under - 56.4%
Wow...Arkansas...don't let us down.

As always, for those interested, you should be able to view the Results sheet HERE, while you should also be able to view the All-time records (updated through 2013-2014 only) HERE.

Happy NFL Sunday!