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Kim Anderson's talking about practice (and Oklahoma State)

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Kim Anderson doesn't think Missouri has a very good practice team yet, and the Tigers prepare for Oklahoma State after a lengthy layoff.

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Highlighting this because it strikes me that we are talkin' 'bout practice ...still. smh


Notes: Tigers say layoff was needed, but it could cost them some momentum - Columbia Daily Tribune | Steve Walentik

"Things have been a little rough. We needed a little time to settle down and get our minds back focused," sophomore Wes Clark said.

Tigers back from break, prep for Oklahoma State : Dave Matter

* Anderson is unsure about his starters against Oklahoma State, but he will definitely use more of the smaller lineup that worked against Illinois. Against the Illini, Anderson gave fewer minutes to junior forward Ryan Rosburg and zero minutes to senior forward Keanau Post, while favoring more looks with freshman forwards Jakeenan Gant and D’Angelo Allen on the floor.

"It gives you a little more movement on the inside," he said. "Defensively it makes you a little quicker — not as strong but quicker. And it helps with screens. There’s so many ball screenes. Whether you drag or hedge or switch or jam, whatever you do, when you’ve got a quicker big guy that helps your guards out. We’re definitely going to play that lineup more."

I'd probably quibble with "only" but JW3 has been impressive → SEC: Johnathan Williams The Only Bright Spot For Missouri

In his sophomore season, Williams has taken the huge leap that many felt like he could. He’s more than doubled his scoring average from his freshman year where he averaged 5.8 points to his sophomore year averaging 12.5 points. He’s also managed to shoot a better field goal percentage.

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