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Mizzou Links: Tigers-Pokes tonight in KC, and Michael Porter can fly

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Kim Anderson was 8-2 against Oklahoma State as a Mizzou player; now he tries to move to 1-0 as head coach. Plus: 2017 recruiting target Michael Porter goes airborne and gets on SportsCenter.

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What's On

How about a Namon Wright profile? Sound good?

Tonight! Sprint Center!

MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou Heads to Sprint Center for Matchup with Oklahoma State

• Head coach Kim Anderson is familiar with Oklahoma State from his days as a player (1973-77) and as an assistant coach (1982-85 and 1991-99) for the legendary Norm Stewart. As a player, Anderson helped the Tigers go 8-2 vs. the Cowboys, including 3-0 marks in his junior (1975-76) and senior (1976-77) seasons.

• Anderson averaged 12.7 points against OSU as a junior ahead of averaging an impressive 22.7 points vs. the Cowboys as a senior.

• Mizzou posted a 4-3 mark against Oklahoma State during Anderson’s first stint as an assistant coach (1982-85), followed by an 8-6 record from 1991-99.

The Trib (Courtside View): Notes: Tigers say layoff was needed, but it could cost them some momentum (linked again because I like this passage)

Anderson liked the results when he went with a smaller lineup against Illinois, playing two of the three of either Johnathan Williams III, Jakeenan Gant or D’Angelo Allen together in the teams frontcourt. Ryan Rosburg played a season-low 11 minutes against the Fighting Illini, and Keanau Post didn’t play at all.

The matchup with Illinois — which plays primarily four guards and doesn’t have an overpowering low-post presence — favored playing that way, but Anderson expects to do more of it going forward.

"I’m not exactly sure what we’re going to do Tuesday, but we’re definitely going to play that lineup more," he said. "It gives you a little more movement on the inside. Defensively, I think it makes you maybe a little quicker. Maybe not as strong but maybe a little quicker around the basket, helping on screens. There’s so many ball screens now. Whether you drag or hedge or switch or jam or whatever you do, when you’ve got a quicker big guy, that helps your guard out, so yeah, … we’re definitely going to play that lineup more. I’m not sure how we’ll start off, but that’s kind of what we’re looking at."

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Women playing tonight, too
The Trib: Women's basketball preview: Missouri State vs. Missouri

Eh, not bad, I guess

Here's Columbia Tolton sophomore (and five-star, all-everything prospect) putting the ball in the hoop and getting on ESPN.

Michael Porter captures the top spot on #SCTop10

A video posted by Caitlin Swieca (@cswieca) on

A pretty big deal

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