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RMN Bowl Contest Update - Now THAT is More Like It

SEC Teams came through and Big XII-I-I-I-I+II teams from the Red River Valley barely scored more points than Roman Numerals I just made on a crazy day of football

The UT QB covered more ground in this crouch than his team covered on most of their plays
The UT QB covered more ground in this crouch than his team covered on most of their plays
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

First, an update on a correction.

Thanks to countrycal, I was notified of an error I had made on the spreadsheet, where I had erroneously flipped an over/under result in the UCF/NC State game.  That error was fixed on Sunday and the sheet reflects it now.

On to yesterday, and the Contest got what it needed the most, an Arkansas cover of Texas.  Hilarious to me that Texas barely had more yards than the Over/Under number, but that is another conversation for another day.  What it does mean is that we are back up over the 53% mark at 53.55% for the year.  All-time, we have pushed back over 51.5% as well, almost 2,000 picks to the good.

The leaderboard continues to take shape and the group at the top has some impressive records.  wooderson continues to hold the lead at 31-11, with Don Carnero one game back and boner jamz 14 one back from there. A small group of three are at 28-14 and a group of five are still within shouting distance at 27-15.  Even though we are just barely past the halfway point, I doubt someone wins this from outside this group.

At the other end, jlewingmu holds the "lead" at 15-27, one game up on blackgoldorange and Fave/Under.  For those of you who do not know, I will make four sets of "chalked" picks, using all favorites, underdogs, Overs and Unders.  Needless to say, the favorites have NOT done well this season (as Fave/Over is only one game better at 17-25).

Three more games coming up today, let's see how the Community feels these will likely go.

  • LSU - 86.5%
  • Under 52 - 65.4%
  • UGA - 77.9%
  • Over 58.5 - 50.9%
  • Stanford - 65%
  • Under 49 - 57.7%
We love the SEC, don't we?  Here's to moving to 5-0 on the bowl season cats and dawgs.  As always, for those interested, you should be able to view the Results sheet HERE, while you should also be able to view the All-time records (updated through 2013-2014 only) HERE.