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Basketball live thread: Oklahoma State Cowboys vs. Missouri Tigers

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It's time to take on another old friend from the Big 12 and complete our trip through Oklahoma tonight as Mizzou takes on OSU in Kansas City, MO. Stay and chat a while won't you?

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Who: Missouri vs Oklahoma State
Where: Sprint Center, Kansas City MO
When: Now!

It's time to reignite a rivalry that goes back to our Big 7/8/12 days in Kansas City.
According to the Four Factors, we aren't looking too good...
And according to Sam, things don't look great either.
For those of you that just hate multiple tabs, focus your attention on Le'Bryan Nash (he's got a little Rayvonte Rice in him), Win Pace (something Mizzou hasn't really done in the non con against teams from a conference you'd recognize) and the Easy Points (you know, the points we got with Mike Anderson all the time when things were good.)
Also, for fun because it's the time of year where people both drink, quit drinking, get in shape, and try to be better to their fellow person your favorite wine and Cardinal lover kristina has come up with a way to really pay attention to the game from a micro level. Check out the comments section for those tips below.
But you know what I say? This is Kansas City, Missouri, and we win in Kansas City, Missouri!
So go get on your anthracite, grab a drink and let's see if something clicked since the Illinois game.