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Mizzou Links: Another moral victory and gutting hoops loss

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Tight, competitive losses won't always be encouraging, but Mizzou had another one in Kansas City against Oklahoma State. Also: Terry Beckner is a big dude, and Missouri Wrestling begins the Southern Scuffle tomorrow.

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First things first: happy birthday to Bill C's mom...

What's On

Shades of the 2011 Mizzou-Iowa game at Kemper ... only with an extra spin move and without a win ...

Keep grinding, and the wins will come

MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou Falls in Overtime to Oklahoma State, 74-72
MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou vs. Oklahoma State Post Game Quotes

Opening Statement...

"Tough loss for us. Great college basketball game. Great environment. I'm proud of the way we played. I thought we did a great job in the first half defensively. We kind of kept (Phil) Forte and (Le'Bryan) Nash under control. In the second half, they drove it to the basket more and made the plays. They got to the free throw line a lot and we didn't do as good of a job as we did in the first half. I'm proud of our effort. We just need to get over the hump. We made two really good games. We just haven't been able to finish them off."

On the intentional missed free throw at the end of overtime...

"It worked perfectly. We had a play ran for D'Angelo Allen to get the rebound, but the ball bounced left. Keith (Shamburger) picked it up, brought it in, defense rotated over and D'Angelo had a close shot. He didn't get fouled. I know I did some antics on the floor, but he didn't get fouled. It seemed like a really long three seconds to me. I'm sure that was going through his mind too that there can't be much more time left. I know he just wanted to get it off."

On Johnathan Williams III performance tonight...

"I thought once he got going he was really good. I thought early on he was struggling a little bit. For us to be good, he's got to step up because he's a guy that can make plays even though he's a power forward. He made some plays. He's grown so much as a player since I got here. His game has expanded. His shooting has gotten better. He's that go-to guy that we kind of need."

On Oklahoma State's ball pressure throughout the night...

"I really thought we did a good job of handling their pressure especially in the first half. In the second half though, they got us. I thought we really handled it pretty well. A couple times we tried to do too much. We tried to dribble inside too much and we're not big enough to do it. I don't want a program where we get a standing ovation for losing by two points. I'm not criticizing the fans. I just wish we could have gotten over the hump for these guys."

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The wrong kind of sweep in KC

MUTIGERS.COM: Tigers Fall to Lady Bears, 57-52, in Kansas City
The Trib: Missouri State upsets MU women for second straight season
The Missourian: Injuries and constant readjustments contribute to Missouri women's loss

One blue-chipper for each sport

247 Sports: Under Armour All America Ten Things from Practice

Beckner is an interior guy, and a good one- Five-star Terry Beckner Jr. (East St. Louis, Ill.) has great size and elite quickness for a prospect his size. He was dominant at times on Tuesday, but he’s more like Sheldon Richardson than Shane Ray (since Missouri is the team to beat, we will use products of that program as a comparison). That’s not a knock on Beckner at all as he has NFL written all over him, but he’s one of several elite defensive tackle prospects in the 2015 cycle and ranks up there with the best of them based on what I saw Tuesday.

(Well of course he's not like Shane Ray ... he's like 50 pounds bigger...)

Thon Maker Set to Make Reclassification Decision Soon; Kentucky, Kansas in Most Frequent Contact |

While many schools are in the equation for the 7-foot Maker, Smith says four are making their presence significantly known in the process.

"The ones we’ve seen the most have been Kentucky and Kansas," Smith said. "Missouri has been with us as well for a while. But Wake Forest just jumped into the mix, Coach [Danny] Manning came up. We have heard from Kentucky and Kansas the most probably. But Indiana has been in there as well. Indiana, Kentucky and Kansas have been the ones that have been the most present, with Missouri in there also."

Tomorrow and Friday:

MUTIGERS.COM: Tigers Open New Year At 2015 Defense Soap & Flips Southern Scuffle

Mizzou is among 31 teams at this year's Scuffle with half of the Top-25 teams at last year's NCAA Championships also included in this year's field. The No. 5 ranked Tigers are one of 10 Top-25 ranked teams competing in Chattanooga this week.

Mizzou is joined by No. 3 Cornell, No. 4 Penn State, No. 7 Oklahoma State, No. 9 Pittsburgh, No. 11 Lehigh, No. 12 Nebraska, No. 14 Iowa State, No. 15 Michigan, No. 16 Virginia, and No. 22 North Carolina State as other top programs in attendance.