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RMN Bowl Contest Update - Treading Water

Another three bowl games, another evening where we hit on some and miss on others

Ugh...this kid is going to be a load for the next TWO years
Ugh...this kid is going to be a load for the next TWO years
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

While LSU really did get screwed in my opinion, that result (as it was if you give them the TD they scored) would not have changed our result in and of itself.  LSU was slightly more than a TD favorite, so a 4 point win is still a ND cover.  Tough break for the Tigers though.

Anyway, at the top, you've got wooderson by two over a small group.  At the bottom, you've got jlewingmu and jack618 one game worse than a small group.

For the year, 52% aint bad, as it is above OUR Mendoza line (which was 51.3%, where we started this contest on the all-time chart).

What are we looking at today in our first go-round of the New Year's Six?

  • TCU - 54.6% (no SEC love there I guess)
  • Over 56 - 66.9%
  • Arizona - 79.1%
  • Under 69 - 73%
  • Miss State - 63.8%
  • Under 59.5 - 66.3%
Let's go low scoring in that Arizona game and things could look lovely. As always, for those interested, you should be able to view the Results sheet HERE, while you should also be able to view the All-time records (updated through 2013-2014 only) HERE.

Happy New Year everyone!