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Missouri's Memorial Stadium renovation: The South endzone is evidently up next

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Missouri athletic director Mike Alden told ABC-17's Austin Kim that the priority list for Missouri's athletics renovations has changed a bit recently. South endzone renovation at Memorial Stadium could come sooner than later.

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

A series of tweets from ABC-17's Austin Kim last night told us that there has been a bit of rearrangement in Mizzou's athletics renovations list.

In his brief article, Kim mentions that this priority shift shouldn't affect the timetable for completion of the new softball stadium. Plans for Stubble Field continue apace.

From a visibility perspective, this is a pretty big shift in priorities. The focus of this project is more on renovation and behind-the-scenes expansion -- it's not expected to add 10,000 seats or anything -- but it could be a boon for recruiting (arms race!), it could be pretty impressive to look at, and it will free up quite a bit of pretty work space for the other Mizzou sports. Can't wait to hear more about this in the coming weeks.

I guess this goes to show ... if your head coach (who just won a second division title) and your popular new chancellor want something, they'll probably get it.