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Michael Sam watch, Day 8: It's been one hell of a week

Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

It's been over a week now since Michael Sam came out publicly to Outsports, the New York Times, and ESPN. We saw national media exposure, some beautiful reads, some awful reads, a hateful protest, and a lovely response. We've been given infinite reasons to be proud of this university; its response has been almost completely note-perfect.

The circumstances behind Sam's story -- coming out to the team in the preseason, helping to lead that team to a top-five finish -- were so strong that they almost had to have been scripted. His experience proves that a football team with a strong culture and steady leadership can overcome something that is supposed to "chemically imbalance" a locker room. It also proves that Mizzou has a pretty strong culture and steady leadership. We know there were people within the team that were uncomfortable with this, and we know that everybody overcame it on the field.

In the end, this might neither help nor hurt Missouri's football program moving forward, but that's really not the point. We know this week that this university, its administrators and its students, easily passed a test of simple caring, inclusion, and acceptance. And I'm honestly not sure what else I have to say beyond that. You had a good week, Mizzou.

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And I know, I know ... MSNBC, et cetera ... but I wanted to share the two parts of Dave Matter's appearance on Up yesterday. I thought the discussion was pretty solid and had absolutely nothing to do with Chris Christie and bridges. If he had gone on Fox, I'd be embedding that, too.

Well done, Dave.