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National Signing Day 2014: News, schedule, and links for Missouri recruiting

It is a day of bliss and buzz for some football fans, and it is a day of "Thank goodness it's over for a while" relief for others. Either way, National Signing Day is upon us. Below, you'll find a Signing Day hub of sorts.

By BrokenSphere, via Wikimedia Commons

* Signing Day Central
* PowerMizzou Signing Day Central (FREE)
* The Trib: Anatomy of a Signing Class

Already Signed and Enrolled

Name Home Position Ht, Wt Rivals 247 Status
Logan Cheadle Lee's Summit, MO CB 5'10, 170 3 stars (5.6) 3 stars (0.839) SIGNED
Kenya Dennis Leland, MS CB 6'0, 198 3 stars (5.5) 3 stars (0.848) SIGNED
Michael Fairchild Overland Park, KS OL 6'5, 280 2 stars (5.4) 3 stars (0.836) SIGNED
Brandon Lee Indianapolis, IN LB 6'2, 215 3 stars (5.7) 4 stars (0.896,
No. 276 overall)
Marvin Zanders Jacksonville, FL QB 6'2, 180 3 stars (5.5) 3 stars (0.817) SIGNED

No plot twists with this group. They're already on campus. Lee is the star of this group, having chosen Missouri over Virginia Tech and others. And with the loss of Andrew Wilson and Donovan Bonner, Lee could maneuver his way onto the two-deep with a nice spring.

Committed (No Drama Expected)

Weather could delay some of these more local prospects from signing their Letters of Intent in a timely fashion, but from everything you can find at PowerMizzou, Twitter, etc., these 19 players are solid in their commitments and should become official today. As makes the signings official, we'll change their status.

Name Home Position Ht, Wt Rivals 247 Status
Paul Adams Nashville, TN OL 6'6, 280 3 stars (5.6) 3 stars (0.849) SIGNED
Andy Bauer St. Louis, MO OL 6'3, 300 4 stars (5.9,
No. 137 overall)
4 stars (0.929,
No. 155 overall)
Nate Brown Suwanee, GA WR 6'3, 205 4 stars (5.8) 4 stars (0.892,
No. 303 overall)
Keyon Dilosa Round Rock, TX WR 6'3, 190 2 stars (5.3) 3 stars (0.814) SIGNED
Grant Jones Columbia, MO ATH 6'3, 225 3 stars (5.5) 3 stars (0.845) SIGNED
Thomas Richard Nashville, TN WR 6'0, 190 3 stars (5.5) 3 stars (0.837) SIGNED
Finis Stribling IV Thompson's Station, TN CB 5'10, 180 2 stars (5.4) 3 stars (0.803) SIGNED
Kendall Blanton Blue Springs, MO TE 6'5, 225 2 stars (5.4) 3 stars (0.839) SIGNED
Thomas Wilson Buford, GA CB 5'10, 176 3 stars (5.7) 3 stars (0.857) SIGNED
Kevin Pendleton Lee's Summit, MO OL 6'3, 320 3 stars (5.5) 3 stars (0.834) SIGNED
Raymond Wingo St. Louis, MO CB 6'0, 175 3 stars (5.7) 3 stars (0.873), No. 446 overall SIGNED
Sam Bailey Lamar, MO OL 6'4, 265 2 stars (5.4) 3 stars (0.802) SIGNED
Trevon Walters Bradenton, FL RB 5'10, 195 3 stars (5.7) 3 stars (0.854) SIGNED
Walter Brady Florence, AL DE 6'3, 255 2 stars (5.4) 2 stars (0.786) SIGNED
Darnell Green-Beckham Springfield, MO WR 6'5, 180 2 stars (5.3) 3 stars (0.801) SIGNED
Ish Witter Tampa, FL RB 5'8, 190 3 stars (5.5) 3 stars (0.846) SIGNED
Greg Taylor East St. Louis, IL S 5'10, 181 3 stars (5.7) 3 stars (0.856) SIGNED
Roderick Winters Arlington, TX LB 5'11, 196 2 stars (5.3) 3 stars (0.810) SIGNED
Lawrence Lee Pensacola, FL WR 5'10, 167 3 stars (5.6) 3 stars (0.863) SIGNED

We'll discuss this in the coming hours and days, but the focus for the 2014 recruiting class seemed to be in three primary units: Secondary, Receiving Corps, and Offensive Line. Ignoring the names below, Mizzou should sign, at minimum, five DBs (including Cheadle and Dennis), four offensive linemen (highlighted by Andy Bauer), and five receivers (highlighted by Nate Brown). This makes sense, of course. Mizzou must replace both starting cornerbacks (E.J. Gaines and Randy Ponder) in 2014 and potentially both starting safeties (Braylon Webb and Duron Singleton) in 2015. At receiver, not only are L'Damian Washington and Marcus Lucas gone after 2013, but the top four returnees (Dorial Green-Beckham, Bud Sasser, Jimmie Hunt, Darius White) could all be gone after 2014. And while the offensive line is relatively young as a whole, the 2012 season taught us that there's no such thing as too much OL depth.

Committed (Sort Of)

Name Home Position Ht, Wt Rivals 247 Status
Tavon Ross Cochran, GA S 6'0, 200 3 stars (5.5) 3 stars (0.844) SIGNED
Rocel McWilliams Pensacola, FL DE 6'3, 240 3 stars (5.5) 3 stars (0.836) SIGNED

Rumors flying around yesterday suggested that there's reason for optimism that both of these players will be sticking with their longtime Mizzou commitments. We'll obviously feel better about that once that's official, but both of these players are keys to the class. McWilliams was the only defensive commitment until Walter Brady came aboard this past weekend, and Ross might have the most impressive film and measurables of anybody in this potential Mizzou class. His low level of competition hurts his recruiting rankings (I guess ... not sure what else might have), but his ceiling is incredible.

Signing Day Decisions

Charlie Strong's departure from Louisville to Texas opened the door for Mizzou with a couple of recruits, namely DeSean Blair and Poona Ford. A few other names are still considering Mizzou, though honestly, I'll be impressed if the Tigers land more than one from this group.

(You'll notice a new addition to this group as well: Darius White's brother Stepfawn Hughes. A longtime Mizzou commit, Hughes was rumored not to have made his Mizzou official visit a couple of weeks ago and has said on Twitter that he's actually deciding between Mizzou and TCU. Late shifts in sentiment don't usually favor the team that held the commitment for so long, so I'm assuming he's probably a Horned Frog. We'll see.)

Name Home Position Ht, Wt Rivals 247 Status
DeSean Blair Jacksonville, FL WR 6'4, 180 3 stars (5.6) 3 stars (0.858) SIGNED
Spencer Williams Jacksonville, FL DE 6'4, 230 3 stars (5.5) 3 stars (0.824) SIGNED
Stepfawn Hughes Fort Worth, TX WR 5'10, 170 3 stars (5.5) 3 stars (0.831) Deciding between
Mizzou, TCU
Poona Ford Hilton Head, SC DT 6'1, 288 3 stars (5.7) 4 stars (0.899, No 263 overall) SIGNED WITH TEXAS
Daniel Cage Cincinnati, OH DT 6'3, 275 3 stars (5.7) 4 stars (0.892,
No. 300 overall)
Sharieff Rhaheed Fort Pierce, FL LB 6'4, 215 3 stars (5.7) 3 stars (0.869,
No. 492 overall)

We'll have posts up for each signee as they are announced, but hit refresh on this page throughout the day to find out the latest status.