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2014 Missouri spring football: Day 2 discussions include quarterback, offensive tackle

Before basketball takes back over for the day, let's check in on Day 2 of spring football.

Bill Carter

Obviously with a good portion of Mizzou media hanging out in Atlanta at the moment, we didn't have a full crowd of practice reports for Day 2. But David Morrison and Gabe Dearmond were still on the scene. Yesterday's practice reports focused basically on quarterbacks, newbies (defensive ends, cornerbacks), and Connor McGovern.

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Missouri Spring Practice Notes: The "Challengers" Edition

Hill said he's been impressed with Mauk's work ethic over the offseason, especially the fact that he's always willing to work with teammates when they want to get some work in: "He’s a man of the people. Anybody wants to work, he is ready to go. He’s a green-lighter, man. That dude is ready. That’s one thing, as a leader, ‘if anybody’s ready to go, I get a text, I’ll show up. I’ll be there. That’s the most important thing to me, is being around my teammates and trying to improve myself.’ That’s a good sign."

Hill also doesn't feel as if Berkstresser is showing any ill effects from the knee injury: "I haven’t seen a hitch in his giddy-up or anything like that. I feel real good about what he’s doing. He seems to be running pretty much at full speed. Hopefully he doesn’t run too much. He can sling it."

PowerMizzou: Thursday Spring Notebook

"They tried me at right tackle for one scrimmage two-a-days of my redshirt freshman year and that was the only time I ever played tackle," McGovern said. "I was going against Brayden Burnett, one of the faster guys off the ball I've ever gone against. That wasn't a very fun day for me. That lasted one day and they realized I probably should stick to guard for a while." [...]

The guys across the ball from McGovern every day in practice will speed his learning curve just a little bit too. Markus Golden and Shane Ray are expected to form one of the best pass-rushing duo of defensive ends in the SEC.

"We didn't have any D-ends that run a 4.4, or D-ends weighing 250," McGovern said of Fargo high school football. "They'll get you ready right quick."

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