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Mizzou Links, 3-4-14: Gary Pinkel gets his contract with spring football on the horizon

Bill Carter

I'm back! Miss me? (Don't answer that.)

1. Pinkel gets his new deal (according to sources)

PowerMizzou: New deal in place for Pinkel

Sources indicate that the new contract will put Pinkel at or slightly above three million dollars annually. His current contract, signed in April 2011, pays him a base salary $2.35 million annually and was set to run through the 2017 season. Pinkel earned an additional $300,000 in incentives during the 2013 season. The length of the new deal is unknown at this time.

The new contract is also expected to bring raises for Pinkel's assistant coaches. However, specifics on that information are not known at this time. Offensive coordinator Josh Henson made $500,000 last season and defensive coordinator Dave Steckel earned $550,000. Andy Hill, who was promoted from wide receivers coach to quarterbacks coach prior to last season, made $307,500 in 2013.

The Trib: Report: Missouri, Pinkel agree to new deal
KC Star: Missouri reportedly agrees to $3 million per year contract extension for coach Gary Pinkel

We knew Pinkel and the athletic department were negotiating, and we knew that raises for assistants were one of the major items on the docket. It looks like that's been squared away in an agreeable manner. So now the issue becomes the length of the contract. Pinkel is 61 years old and probably won't be Missouri's head coach a decade from now, so this contract will give us a decent idea of when he might be retiring. Once we know that, we'll have plenty -- plenty -- of time to make assumptions and listen to rumors regarding a succession plan. Does Josh Henson (or anybody else) get unofficially named "coach-in-waiting"? How is that handled? It will be interesting to watch from a recruiting perspective ... and, of course, a "the future of this risen program" perspective.

2. Spring ball is a week away

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Six for Spring: Keys to the Offense
PowerMizzou: Spring Preview: RB
PowerMizzou: Spring Preview: WR
PowerMizzou: Spring Preview: TE
PowerMizzou: Spring Preview: OL

Hero ball
KC Star: Missouri QB Trent Hosick helps rescue men after truck flips on I-70

3. (Basketball) Recruiting never stops

PowerMizzou: Top Tiger target talks
PowerMizzou: Missouri junior has big upside

From recruiting to college to pros Phil Pressey's journey to the NBA

Mizzou Network: FEATURE: ZouCrew Lock-In At Mizzou Arena

4. I, for one, welcome our new (associate) overlord Tim Stedman Named Associate Athletic Director
KC Star: Missouri names Tim Stedman as new associate athletic director

5. #stubble

The Missourian: Missouri softball's Emily Crane helps team in more ways than one

6. Long odds and the Fightin' Pingetons Special Initiatives Set for SEC Women's Basketball Tournament
KC Star: Missouri women’s basketball team finds positives from this season
The Missourian: Missouri women's basketball seeded No. 12 in Southeastern Conference tournament

7. We like shutout streaks Mizzou's Graves Earns Co-SEC Pitcher of the Week

8. Another hurdle cleared for SECN

Yahoo! Finance: Dish, Disney reach long-term programming deal -report


LA Times: Sriracha factory avoids public nuisance designation, for now