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2014 Missouri spring football: Practice resumes, Brothers is out for a bit, and men aren't men

Missouri's spring football practice resumed on Tuesday, Kentrell Brothers is shelved until June, and Maty Mauk is doing a better job with his progressions.

Kevin C. Cox

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Missouri Spring Practice Notes: The "He Ain't Heavy, He's Kentrell Brothers" version

Tight end Sean Culkin was back practicing after sitting out the first two weeks of the spring nursing a fracture in his finger. Pinkel said Culkin is wearing a fancy gloved contraption that...well, I'll let him describe it: "He had a cast on the small of his hand and it’s like a splint, and then" director of equipment operations "Don Barnes designed a glove to go over top of it. He’s legal to play. It’s like catching with a cast. Those gloves are so tacky that when I played, when men were men, we didn’t wear gloves like that. They hadn’t even been designed yet."


Be sure to read this entire piece by the way. Apparently Charles Harris is "Austin Wuebbels crazy," Mitch Morse isn't as smart as his parents, Darvin Ruise doesn't want his son playing football, and Lucas Vincent liked the HIMYM finale more than anybody on this site. So ... yeah. spectacular practice report. Or whatever this was. More, please.

Post-Dispatch: Mizzou loses linebacker for rest of spring

Kentrell Brothers, a starter in every game last season, underwent surgery Friday to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder. He’s expected to be fully recovered by June, Gary Pinkel said after Tuesday’s spring practice, Mizzou’s first practice since classes resumed Monday following spring break. [...]

"He’s doing well," Pinkel said. "He got five practices in. That was good. To get him back 100 percent by June, we felt like we had to do (the surgery) right now. The medical staff, in talking with him and myself, thought it was the right thing to do. He got a third of the spring in (five of 15 practices) and he had a good scrimmage, so that’s a plus for us."

KC Star: Missouri’s rising seniors look to bridge receiving gap after losing Washington, Lucas

White, in particular, has impressed Missouri coach Gary Pinkel during the early spring practices, but — like the rest of the wide receivers the Tigers will lean more heavily on, including sophomore Levi Copelin — the journey’s just beginning.

"He’s had a great camp," Pinkel said of White. "Our Winning Edge program — strength, speed, quickness and everything — he’s been doing really well. He’s a talented player. Now, we’ve got to see it on the field, but I think he can certainly help our football team. And it’s going to be important that he does. We lost a few receivers that had a huge impact."

Darius White also mentioned that his brother didn't qualify and will go the JUCO route next year. That would explain why he vanished from Mizzou's commit list a while back but didn't show up anywhere else.

PowerMizzou: Spring Ball is Back

Known as a dynamic runner -- sometimes to a fault -- Mauk is showcasing improved maturity and a willingness to stand tall in the pocket, says his pass catchers.

"He's learned his progressions a lot faster," Jimmie Hunt said. "Where he wants to go to the ball. He's comfortable. He's not using his feet all the time, but he knows he can go to that option as a weapon."

"Maty's doing good," Darius White said. "He's picking up coverage faster. He's getting the ball there faster. He's just giving us a chance to make plays. Maty's doing great."

PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Spring Camp, 4/1