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2014 Missouri spring football: East side Memorial Stadium expansion coming along swimmingly

East side expansion seems to be coming right along at Memorial Stadium. Here's a short gallery of photos I took (including a couple of close-ups I took of the turf; pretty sure that was the first time I'd set foot on the new stuff). Obviously the reporters who got a guided tour on Saturday morning found a different view.

The Trib: Stadium's addition starts to take shape

"We’re in the SEC, so we see cranes," Missouri Coach Gary Pinkel said. "That’s the way it should be. I kid around at alumni events and say, ‘Hey, alumni, if you don’t see cranes in the sports area, I’ll give you Mike Alden’s cellphone number. Call him.’

KC Star: Expansion of east side of Memorial Stadium will give MU football fans ‘a better experience’

[Missouri executive associate athletic director Tim] Hickman said season-ticket sales have gone well — "We’ve made enough to cover our mortgage," he joked during the tour — and that Missouri was thrilled with the project’s scope and pace.

"The things that we’ve done the last two years to really improve the fan experience — better services, more restrooms and concession stands, more concourse space and a (distributed antennae system) to provide better Wi-Fi — continue to make it one of the best stadiums in the country," Hickman said.

PowerMizzou: PHOTOS: Renovations at Faurot

Saturday was an uncharacteristically gorgeous day in Columbia, by the way. Just felt like sharing.