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Wednesday Overflow Thread III: Where We Do What We Do

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Where we review everything that's been said

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Commenter list 65 Toss Power Trap83, @Tigerholics, Actual Jimmie, AlaTiger, Andy--01, Armchair Analyst, Askme42, Ausgiano, Belegcam, Bill Connelly, BillCarter, BillSelfsToupee, CBonerfied, CapnCribbs, CoMoCardsFan, ColumbianKramer, Cougar9001, DC_Tiger, Damnatio Memoriae, E_Gibby, FireItUp, Fullback U, Gaknar, GreenChileMizzou, Gummy, HHKB Chris, Hermus, IHatedHarpos, JCpatriot66, Jack618, Jerilac, K2theT, KC_Beast, Kpz1234, MIZ Portlandia, MIZ...TCU, MIZZOUfaninAZ, MUPete, MUThinktank, Mac6uffin, MatthewVogt, Miguel Paul's Almost Dunk, Mitko, MizKC, Mori, Mrs. Bill C, Runge, Spider_Monkey, StopSpe, Sunshine_Pumper13, The Beef, TigerChief, TigerEE94, TmannZOU, TommyV, Wesley Stripes, Wooderson, ZouDave, a.Fan, armyofmike, asdtg2, bgtd, blackfin, bsherman3, cheapham, coreyflea, countrycal, excellent_eddie, fatboyroy2, jaeger, joedog3, jschooltiger, kc_tiger, kristina, mcboomofdoom, mizzou918, mizzoufalcon, mizzousundevil, mutigersbball, muwxman, nwtiger1, qf1976, scotkell, shaffe, switzy227, the_k, tigers and chiefs fan, trent714
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15 CBonerfied Hey folks
13 switzy227 Yeah - a term best left to the party it originally represented, so as not to minimize it.
13 Armchair Analyst I hope there's a big reveal.
12 excellent_eddie Pie
12 DC_Tiger Nothing.
8 bsherman3 Lurkers Newbie Post
7 Miguel Paul's Almost Dunk Bill C. IS THE NEW MENS BASKETBALL COACH
6 asdtg2 besides Peyton will be lucky to win the AFC West
6 JCpatriot66 First read that as sandpeople.
5 Fullback U Defiantly Harry Truman
5 Mac6uffin [no title]
5 Fullback U As a perk of joining the #RMNAD thread, I give you this:
5 MatthewVogt let's go Blues!!
5 kristina What?
5 asdtg2 dong be so hard on kristina you guys
5 DC_Tiger Well, since she's a lady,
4 blackfin See..
4 DC_Tiger Don't you mean you are proud of us?
4 Armchair Analyst DC_Tiger confirms
4 Mrs. Bill C I can't keep it to myself anymore...
4 ZouDave Daenerys Targaryen!!!
4 switzy227 HEY-EWWWWWWW!
4 jschooltiger [no title]
4 Gaknar "It pays the bills."  /swigs whiskey from the bottle
4 DC_Tiger I don't think we've even discussed basketball at all since this morning.
3 kristina [no title]
3 jschooltiger TALK AMERICAN
3 Fullback U [no title]
3 jschooltiger See, the issue is that the people who get nekkid for these kinds of things
3 Damnatio Memoriae Cobbler is just pie that can't get its shit together.
3 HHKB Chris Hell Yeah!  Congrats Jimmie!
3 jschooltiger It's not very hard to load Windows 8 on a MacBook
3 Gaknar #TEAMCAKE
3 The Beef MUST.  NOT.  RESPOND.
3 switzy227 Allow me to rephrase:
3 coreyflea gyros are a whole different ballgame.  so many things mixed into that meat wad.  so much deliciousness.
3 switzy227 In other words, your test is "is it bacon?"
3 Spider_Monkey oh you were trying to write DING?
3 Damnatio Memoriae "Scenic"
3 Mac6uffin Never befriend chicken.
2 The Beef Unless it is for the UPCOMING STUBBLE DRIVE!
2 mutigersbball So people say we went full SEC and gave up on basketball
2 switzy227 How could he not love his creation, as fully titled in my new sig line?
2 blackfin His twilight years were the late 90s.
2 blackfin Potpie is vomit hidden under a crust.
2 countrycal We do what we do . . .
2 ZouDave I'm listening to Me So Horny by 2Live Crew right now
2 armyofmike rec'd for shave the meat wad.
2 MIZ Portlandia PIE
2 asdtg2 so you'll be perfect for that organization
2 Runge It's like the Mediterranean version of a hot dog
2 MatthewVogt Rams @ Chiefs Week 8
2 shaffe Can't hang around long
2 blackfin They sold out years ago.
2 mutigersbball Hey! Don't ever let facts get in the way of my narrative!
2 Armchair Analyst Because "jschooltiger" doesn't really lend itself to porn.
2 MatthewVogt So if Floyd is not a candidate....
2 asdtg2 That's a hot take
2 Fullback U Okay, this is pretty cute
2 jschooltiger I dong know what you mean
2 Wooderson mint, especially candy or ice cream, is gross
2 coreyflea I often (with a hard T, jk) wonder what Bill C. thinks when he glances at the comments.
2 The Beef Happy Birthday Shaffe!
2 E_Gibby Mizzou Performance Elite
2 Mac6uffin The longest con.
2 Spider_Monkey So does your sister?
2 Damnatio Memoriae There shouldn't be...
2 Damnatio Memoriae Oh, this is gold...
2 excellent_eddie I easily can refrain from the mint debate. But.......
2 Fullback U It's hard out here
2 Fullback U [no title]
2 Miguel Paul's Almost Dunk SOURCES
2 Mac6uffin Which junior high school?
2 switzy227 Ixnay on the azinay.
2 Spider_Monkey I throw banana runts in your general direction.
2 DC_Tiger Aden's top priority in these searches
2 Miguel Paul's Almost Dunk MOAR ROOM FOR GIFS TOO
2 Armchair Analyst There is no such thing as coincidence.
2 TigerEE94 The reason I don't comment more
2 Spider_Monkey jst is busy loading Windows 8 on that Macbook.
2 asdtg2 Best thing on the menu
1 switzy227 Ballgame. Tigers. 5-0.
1 ColumbianKramer I have a pretty good idea
1 Cougar9001 boom goes the mutha flippin'
1 switzy227 Sorry - they are all savory foods, and which ones to include and in which categories has been debated before.
1 Fullback U And since this is the #RMNAD thread, this is what I say to "spiders"
1 jschooltiger the just deserts?
1 asdtg2 [no title]
1 blackfin Which 16 teams were awarded Ws by drawing Jacksonville?
1 blackfin There's a sale at Penney's!
1 asdtg2 Considering what most people are browsing when I visit my local libraries
1 mcboomofdoom yes
1 asdtg2 The SB winner always plays on the first game
1 blackfin I assumed he was joking when he said he could beat me at Scrabble.
1 blackfin Too many Broncos fans, though.
1 GreenChileMizzou You could have left off the "down here."
1 Wesley Stripes The NBA? Ewwwwww.
1 excellent_eddie I prefer pie....
1 excellent_eddie PIE
1 DC_Tiger I WILL have vindication, damnit.
1 Spider_Monkey don't climb without Sherpas?
1 GreenChileMizzou Cardio?
1 Armchair Analyst [no title]
1 kc_tiger [no title]
1 Fullback U We can go deeper!
1 Fullback U MizzouFALCON?
1 Damnatio Memoriae Don't run on it after dark?
1 Askme42 Can not even begin to explain
1 The Beef great googly moogly
1 mizzousundevil I honestly think that no one has any idea about who has or has not been contacted for this job
1 tigers and chiefs fan BRING IT!
1 Armchair Analyst [no title]
1 Fullback U /grumpycatface: "Good"
1 blackfin Mark Twain
1 blackfin At the press conference we will unveil
1 jschooltiger ... because the Chiefs will win this year
1 excellent_eddie Ain't no one here but us chickens!
1 jaeger Life would be simpler if all racists were fundamentally terrible people.
1 DC_Tiger Aldon
1 DC_Tiger Can you have strikethroughs in your sig line?
1 Fullback U "Confirmed"
1 Mac6uffin Trick question.
1 Gaknar No one likes cool pie
1 Sunshine_Pumper13 Lets just get this straight
1 trent714 am I supposed to know who this is?
1 Spider_Monkey don't get it wet
1 Mac6uffin I don't understand all the hate of candy corn.
1 Fullback U Guys! We did it!
1 kristina obvious troll is obvious.
1 Sunshine_Pumper13 whats even better than him continuing to cement his place as a fan favorite
1 JCpatriot66 I eat my potatoes still in the ground.
1 switzy227 I'm more concerned about which linens are decorative and which are for use
1 jschooltiger and in ten thousand years, archaeologists will uncover it
1 65 Toss Power Trap83 He's talked about it a few times.
1 MUPete Bill Nye wishes he were Mr. Wizard
1 Jerilac bleh
1 Damnatio Memoriae I'm now patiently waiting for "Shake That Bantha"
1 The Beef That might get Demetrious Johnson and other STL personalities a little upset
1 Spider_Monkey whaaa?
1 JCpatriot66 jschooltiger has lent to porn plenty of times.
1 DC_Tiger :-)
1 kristina but better like mint!!!
1 DC_Tiger I guess we'll find out how players
1 CBonerfied There can only be one answer
1 Armchair Analyst I can understand the mint-haters, and I'm even willing to allow the anti-shrimpers,
1 Wesley Stripes You chose........................ Poorly.
1 kristina very much bleh
1 DC_Tiger Only correct answer:
1 Armchair Analyst You.
1 CBonerfied This post makes you Buzz Killington
1 Damnatio Memoriae Yeah, I totally woulda banged Lester...
1 Fullback U I mean... it's how Frank Haith operated...
1 Miguel Paul's Almost Dunk REC THIS MAN
1 trent714 man
1 Fullback U so do you think the past three coaching searches
1 Spider_Monkey Thank you.
1 Damnatio Memoriae #HOTSPORTSTAKEIS
1 BillSelfsToupee out west, yes, in california
1 Fullback U ...he said
1 HHKB Chris I can't trust your SOURCES anymore, you don't even know who our AD is.  COME ON DC!
1 asdtg2 yeah, the guy who brought it up was promptly killed
1 asdtg2 nah, too much kabuki theater
1 asdtg2 I'm unveiling a new sig line today, too
1 JCpatriot66 I think of it as a meat pillar. A glorious testament to all that is delicious meat.
1 switzy227 He's mostly just happy the "r" key is a row removed from the "c" key.
1 Armchair Analyst There was a dispenser at the mall in Chesterfield that had ONLY banana runts.
1 The Beef I believe it somewhere close to your patented
1 Miguel Paul's Almost Dunk he's quickly became one of my favorite players
1 BillCarter doing a dong?
1 BillSelfsToupee Runts blow
1 kristina or I just think you're wrong
1 coreyflea Well, DC_Tiger guaranteed it yesterday.
1 Askme42 Because freezing anything
1 DC_Tiger I'm not with the B and L.
1 Gaknar Except for the lamb
1 The Beef and we thank you for that
1 Sunshine_Pumper13 Making fun of people that can't eat spicy food
1 Spider_Monkey it's so hard
1 jschooltiger it's really more of a meat rod
1 asdtg2 wut
1 Runge Technically...
1 trent714 one of my favorite SNL skits of the modern era.
1 jschooltiger I hit z a lot
1 asdtg2 He's gonna owe us so much ice cream
1 HHKB Chris Just imagine what it will be like when we have a coach, BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF COMMENTS.
1 armyofmike rec'd for meat wad.
1 MIZ Portlandia Mint debate aside,
1 coreyflea friend chicken makes you want to puke?????
1 asdtg2 there was some disappearin
1 excellent_eddie I must admit that I admire the keeping of the secret
1 Gaknar "Wichita State is my dream job."
1 Askme42 Anyone with half a brain and taste buds
1 jschooltiger 200 NEW COMMENTS, HOLY CRAP
1 MIZ Portlandia Aren't those
1 MIZ Portlandia How about

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1 kristina 152
2 Fullback U 134
3 DC_Tiger 117
4 jschooltiger 70
5 blackfin 66
6 Spider_Monkey 58
7 switzy227 54
8 trent714 40
9 The Beef 39
10 Sunshine_Pumper13 36
11 asdtg2 36
12 Mac6uffin 36
13 Armchair Analyst 32
14 Damnatio Memoriae 31
15 mizzousundevil 29
16 tigers and chiefs fan 27
17 Miguel Paul's Almost Dunk 25
18 Askme42 19
19 BillSelfsToupee 19
20 Kpz1234 19
21 coreyflea 19
22 GreenChileMizzou 17
23 MatthewVogt 16
24 excellent_eddie 16
25 JCpatriot66 15
26 MIZ Portlandia 14
27 Runge 14
28 Gaknar 13
29 HHKB Chris 13
30 CBonerfied 13
31 MUPete 12
32 armyofmike 11
33 Belegcam 10
34 joedog3 10
35 AlaTiger 9
36 kc_tiger 9
37 MIZZOUfaninAZ 8
38 Wesley Stripes 8
39 CoMoCardsFan 8
40 mizzoufalcon 8
41 Actual Jimmie 8
42 qf1976 8
43 TmannZOU 7
44 Jerilac 7
45 muwxman 6
46 Mitko 6
47 mutigersbball 6
48 Jack618 5
49 MIZ...TCU 5
50 TigerChief 5
51 BillCarter 5
52 CapnCribbs 5
53 65 Toss Power Trap83 4
54 @Tigerholics 4
55 Hermus 4
56 MizKC 3
57 shaffe 3
58 Wooderson 3
59 jaeger 3
60 MUThinktank 3
61 FireItUp 3
62 bsherman3 3
63 E_Gibby 3
64 countrycal 2
65 Mori 2
66 Bill Connelly 2
67 K2theT 2
68 mcboomofdoom 2
69 ZouDave 2
70 Cougar9001 2
71 bgtd 1
72 mizzou918 1
73 Mrs. Bill C 1
74 cheapham 1
75 fatboyroy2 1
76 TigerEE94 1
77 nwtiger1 1
78 IHatedHarpos 1
79 Andy--01 1
80 TommyV 1
81 the_k 1
82 KC_Beast 1
83 Gummy 1
84 ColumbianKramer 1
85 StopSpe 1
86 Ausgiano 1
87 scotkell 1
88 a.Fan 1