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Missouri basketball coaching search: The Curators are meeting on Monday


Well, hello there.

MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2014

Board of Curators Meeting: Public Session

1:00 p.m., Call to order

General Business

Resolution, executive session of Board of Curators Meeting, April 28, 2014

Board of Curators Meeting: Executive Session

The Board of Curators will hold an executive session meeting April 28, 2014, pursuant to Section 610.021(1), RSMo, 610.021(3), 610.021(12), RSMo and 610.021(13), RSMo for consideration of certain confidential or privileged communications with university counsel, negotiated contracts and personnel matters all as authorized by law and upon approval by resolution of the Board of Curators.

This could be TOTALLY COINCIDENTAL. It could have something to do with the Journalism dean or any other personnel matters. But it's probably dealing with a new basketball coach. So yeah. By Monday afternoon we will have a good idea about who Missouri's next basketball coach is.

[checks calendar]