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Monday Night Overflow Thread: Now What?

Let's play pretend, shall we?

Seat's taken.
Seat's taken.
Fullback U

Kim Anderson is Columbia bound, and everyone on the internet is in agreement about it. Yup, we all definitely agree that this is a hire Mike Alden made. It totally happened. No arguments there. But everybody agreeing with each other isn't nearly as much fun as arguing is, so let's do some arguing.

You are Mizzou's AD, and you've just hired Kim Anderson to coach your basketball team. Good for you! Don't get too comfortable though, your work is far from over. One coach does not a staff make, no matter how True of a Son he is. You've got some decisions to make, and you better make them fast. Fail to act quickly and your ideal assistant might end up in another school's employ, your big-time signee might decommit, or your star player might request a transfer. It's a cold world out there, so you better be prepared.

Also, nice job with the kabuki dance. Really solid performance out there.