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Mizzou Links 4-29-14: We've got our coach

Unless you were in a bunker without internet access for the last 18 hours, you know that we've got a new coach who is also an old coach. We'll be talking plenty about Kim Anderson through the week, but heres a ton of links about him also.

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Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

1. Coach Anderson


He is committed to Mizzou and has a passion to build a program of which all Tiger fans will be proud.

USA Today

"He's a man of great character, integrity and respect," athletic director Mike Alden said. "The fact that he's a Missouri Tiger at heart is important."

KC Star

Aside from Marshall, it’s unclear what other potential candidates, such as former UCLA and Pitt coach Ben Howland, were contacted by MU, though Louisiana Tech’s Michael White reportedly withdrew his name from consideration.

Read more here:

Power Mizzou

Gabe has lots of questions, and I agree with him quite a bit...

But what I don't understand is why it took so long. Why did it cost the new coach a weekend on the road recruiting players?

2. Other sports are starting to wind down their seasons, but Softball had a big day yesterday (and a double-header today) Genovese and Finucane honored by SEC
Tribune: Two Tigers honored Softball vs. Creighton (The Beef will have more on this later this afternoon) Baseball vs. SEMO to close non-con

3. Bill C. is out of town, and maybe you don't wanna talk about new coaches. Lets talk about food!

Stuffed Pork Loin

Seriously, this was damn good stuff. Perfect for any fancy dinner (I made it for one of our family xmas dinners) or just a regular eat up.

Mixon Style Chicken

Myron Mixon is an A-hole to the Nth degree, but the dude can cook. This is his cupcake pan chicken and it does not even come close to sucking.

Carrot Cake Trifle

Best way to top off a full day of meat goodness? Carrot CAKE is always the correct answer.