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Mizzou Links, 4-3-14: Jabari Brown tests the waters, Gary Pinkel tests the internets

Jabari Brown declares for the NBA Draft but doesn't sign with an agent, Gary Pinkel talks about dancing for his (recruited) kids, and weather is dumb.

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Well THAT was a fun night (still ongoing) of thunder...

1. Jabari

It's probably just the homer in me, but it drives me crazy when headlines don't include "doesn't sign with agent" or "could change his mind" in situations like Jabari Brown's here. Then again, look at the headline, I guess... Mizzou Basketball's Jabari Brown To Enter The 2014 NBA Draft
The Trib: Brown entering NBA draft, keeps open possibility of return
Post-Dispatch: MU's Brown will explore NBA draft stock
KC Star: Mizzou’s Jabari Brown to skip senior season, enter NBA Draft
The Missourian: Missouri men's basketball's Jabari Brown to test NBA draft potential
PowerMizzou: Brown leaves the door open
Fox Sports MW: Jabari Brown plans to enter draft but could change his mind by April 15

And while we're talking about Tigers in the pros...
The Maneater: Former Tiger Phil Pressey wrapping up rookie season
YouTube: Jordan Clarkson Highlights

2. Mike and Gary, having fun on the Internet

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Highlights from the Gary Pinkel/Mike Alden Google Hangout

"Kids are a little bit different now. We’ve adjusted a little bit. Society-wise, family-wise, kids constantly change, about every decade, a little bit. It changes a little bit of our teaching and how we deal with them. I think that’s really important that we do that. I’m dancing on national TV, we’re singing songs before practices, we’re telling jokes. There’s been a lot of studies on that, though. Kids nowadays, it relaxes them and kind of stimulates them as far as focus is concerned. A lot of things have changed in terms of that.

"But still it’s about discipline, attention to detail, commitment, being a great team player. It’s still about collectively trusting each other. Those things really never change. I think we do a lot better job now than when you played of communicating and teaching kids these things. They’re proud Missouri Tigers. There’s responsibility around here now. When you walk in here, you’re expected to win. You’re expected to compete for championships. Those things I don’t think will ever change."

Oh, and about that dance after the Cotton Bowl win?

"You’ve got 126 players, you’ve got a lot of opinions," Pinkel said. "Would I have done that five years ago? No. There’s not in a million years I would have done that. But you change. You grow. Those are all great things. I love being around my players.""

KBIA Sports: Gary Pinkel and Mike Alden Talk to Fans in Google Hangout
Mizzou Network: Mike Alden East Side Announcement

Alden's list Tiger Talk Top-10 Moments of 2013-14

3. Menu Courey

The Missourian: MU task force completes first phase of post-Menu Courey evaluation
KC Star: Independent report on MU’s handling of Menu Courey case to be released April 11

4. It was just a little sprinkle ... they totally could have played through this... Mizzou-Illinois Game Rescheduled for April 23 at Busch
The Trib: Tigers can't find their way home

5. Damn straight Falcons Sean Weatherspoon supports Michael Sam


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Soccer One on One: 2014 Freshman Savannah Trujillo


SB Nation: USA vs. Mexico: Final score 2-2, positives for both sides
GIF: "Offside" call for disallowed go ahead USMNT goal