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2014 Missouri spring football: Injuries limiting reps at running back, DGB a focus of conversation

Practice reports tended to focus on something other than practice yesterday evening.

Kevin C. Cox

From the "Better Now Than Late-August" department ... with 10 days to go before the spring game, Mizzou is almost out of running backs.

KC Star: Injuries take a toll on Missouri football practice

"We had to cut our reps back a little bit because of our running back situation," coach Gary Pinkel said. "I’ve never really been down this low. We had actually three guys that could go. We had to move some guys in positions over to help a little bit."

Both of the Tigers’ most experienced running backs, senior Marcus Murphy (right ankle sprain) and junior Russell Hansbrough (right shoulder sprain), remain day-to-day after picking up injuries Saturday in the team’s first public scrimmage.

Pinkel wanted to see a physical scrimmage and it was that, but there was a toll.

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Mizzou Network: SPRING REPORT: Pinkel Post-Practice Comments 4.8.14

Of course, most of yesterday's practice reports weren't entirely focused on practice.

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Pinkel, Markus Golden weigh in on Green-Beckham suspension

"We move guys around," Pinkel said. "Levi Copelin has had a really good spring. It's really neat to see him. He's one of those guys that's moving up. He played a little bit for us last year but now, all of a sudden, he's playing at a different level.

"He's a guy, I think, that'll be able to be a part of that. Amongst other guys."

Senior defensive end Markus Golden said the team is banding together in Green-Beckham's absence.

"As a team, there's going to always be problems. As a family, you're going to have problems," Golden said. "At the same time, he's a family member. When he gets back, we're going to go back to normal.

"Everything will be alright. We're still going to be out here practicing hard for him. When he gets back, we're going to move on."

Post-Dispatch: Pinkel on DGB: "It stings me, the players, our fans"

After Tuesday's practice, Mizzou’s first since Sunday’s incident and Green-Beckham’s suspension, I expected Pinkel to answer any Green-Beckham questions with a "no comment" and refer to the statement he released Monday.

That was his response initially. Then he continued.

"I’ve been doing this for 14 years," he said. "I had a release yesterday. I’ve never discussed disciplinary issues in 14 years.

"Obviously, I have 126 players and I’m responsible for every one of them. I take that responsibility, just like I have with the three kids that I raised. Obviously, I’m disappointed. I’m frustrated. We run this program with integrity. We teach our players to be accountable, responsible people. When they make mistakes — they’re going to make some mistakes — but when they’re serious mistakes, obviously that stings. It stings me. It stings the players. It stings our fans. My job is to get that fixed. That’s what I intend to do."

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1. Good to hear a bit more about Harold Brantley.

2. Good to hear that Levi Copelin is stepping up.

3. Man, I hope Anthony Sherrils' speed translates on the field at some point.

4. Markus Golden always has something interesting to say.

5. Pinkel's really, really trying to send a message to DGB.