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NFL Draft: Day 3 live thread

Ronald Martinez

Realistically, up to four Tigers could get drafted today: E.J. Gaines, L'Damian Washington, Henry Josey, and of course Michael Sam. (It also wouldn't be unheard of if somebody went after Marcus Lucas, Eric Waters, or I guess Max Copeland. Surprises happen.) With how long it took for running backs to start getting snatched up, it wouldn't surprise me if Josey didn't go, unfortunately, but one does have to figure that Gaines will go in the Round 4-5 window. He should be the first one to go today, though I didn't necessarily expect him to last through the third round yesterday. So I don't really know much of anything.

Happy Saturday! Family zoo outing today, so I won't be around a lot. But the draft starts at 10:00 a.m. CT today, and Mizzou baseball plays South Carolina (gulp) at 2:15 p.m. CT on some local Fox Sports outlets. Have a great day!