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Monday overflow thread

Need some conversation topics? Allow me.

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds


2. SBN's Mike Rutherford likes the Kim Anderson hire.

Sans Gregg Marshall, there were no major names being tossed around during the Missouri search, no potential hires which would have elicited dozens of stories with the words "home" and "run" in the headline. That being the case, why not take a swing with a native son whom the entire fan base already embraces (at least from a non-professional standpoint)? If Anderson fails, then Alden and the brass get raked over the coals in the same manner they would have had any other hire failed. If he succeeds, though, this will be about as good as good can be for Mizzou.

Periods of great success that follow periods of sustained disappointment are almost always the most rewarding for a fan base. A true "Missouri Man" leading that charge would only add to the resulting euphoria for the Tiger fan base. This alone is reason enough to give a high mark to the hiring of a relative unknown.

3. Thoughts on Klinsmann's 30-man preliminary roster?

I kind of like it. I was a hair surprised that Brek Shea and Eddie Johnson didn't make it, but if he's only wanting to carry six forwards at the moment, those six make a decent amount of sense.

4. You're buying this year's Athlon mag, right?

But seriously, I have quite a bit of content in there. And the Athlon folks are good folks. You should buy.