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Saturday live thread: Over/unders, previews, and Coens

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Happy Saturday!

Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

1. 9.5

As mentioned a couple of days ago, 5Dimes has posted Mizzou's over/under win total for the 2014 football season: 9.5. (Over is +110, under is -150.)

Be honest: if you're forced to bet your life savings one way or the other, which way are you going here? 

2. Previews

If you're looking for some Saturday reading material, my 2014 previews for Indiana, UCF, and Toledo are done. Which one of these three games are you treating as the most likely loss? UCF in Columbia without Bortles? Toledo on the road? Indiana in Columbia with that explosive offense and a defense that probably can't get worse?

3. Coens

This ranking of Coen brother movies was shared in comments yesterday afternoon. For those who have seen more than only one or two of them, how do you feel about this order? True Grit over Raising ArizonaSerious Man over Fargo?

Have a lovely Saturday.