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Mizzou Links, 5-26-14: Hentges, Golf, and Happy Memorial Day

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Happy Memorial Day, everybody. Here's your live thread for the day.


1. Hale Hentges commits to Alabama

PowerMizzou: Hentges rolls with Tide
Post-Dispatch: Crimson Tide land Helias tight end
The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Helias TE Hale Hentges commits to Alabama

Recruiting against Alabama is just about impossible. And it's worse, I guess, when recruiting what I'll describe as a pro-style tight end. Helias' Hale Hentges by all accounts likes Mizzou and grew up liking Mizzou, but Mizzou is in the middle of figuring out what it wants to do at the tight end position. Or at least, it knows what it wants to do but doesn't have a ton of film to prove it. Meanwhile, Alabama knows exactly what it wants to do and ... is Alabama. It's better to lose a local kid to an SEC West school than East, and Mizzou is still in on a few pretty good tight ends (and already has a commitment from Daniel Imatorbhebhe), but it will always stink to lose out on a kid with a built-in Mizzou bias, even if you can't even slightly fault the kid for his decision.

(Yeah, I'll be shocked if we get Ofodile.)

2. Mizzou Golf slips to 18th

MUTIGERS.COM: Tigers Remain In The Top 20 at NCAA Championship
KC Star: Missouri falters on windy day at NCAA golf tournament

Mizzou is still playing above its seed, but the Tigers had a shaky day in relatively unpleasant conditions. The Tigers fell to 18th place, nine shots away from eighth place (where you have to finish to reach the knockout rounds), and both Ryan Zech and Emilio Cuartero are in 18th place in the individual race. These are very good results, but there was a tease of a bit more after the first round. We'll see what happens on Day 3.

3. Happy Memorial Day

Beef kabobs, smoked turkey, and roasted vegetables for us. You?