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SEC Rivalry Check, Year 2: Survey results

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Last week, I gave my impressions for how Mizzou's SEC rivalries are taking shape and asked you to do the same. Here are the results.

Moments (1-10 scale)

1. South Carolina (6.20)
2. Georgia (6.03)
3. Arkansas (5.94)
4. Florida (5.23)
5. Ole Miss (5.00)
6. Tennessee (4.69)
7. Auburn (4.65)
8. Vanderbilt (3.52)
9. Kentucky (3.32)
10. Alabama (2.67)
11. LSU (1.55)
12. Mississippi State (0.89)


Alabama player suplex, SC football comeback, first Ark trip to MU arena w/ Anderson... Not many moments good or bad to really evaluate at this point.
Bama will always have BUSH LEAGUE, but I'm still waiting to play them in football. We've never ever played Alabama in football ever especially not in the rain. Speaking of football though, the 2013 season sure helped things. The SECCG, the student section CHOMPIN', Colt 45, stealing on in Oxford, (doink), moving to 2-0 against the Vols, and the DGB/Kentucky massacre. Basketball had some neat upsets too. - AA
I still picture Alabama's lineman suplexing Hans.
I think a lasting moment is going to be the 4th and 15 OT TD from Shaw, obviously a heartbreaker, but one that could spark a really exciting, high level rivalry in the coming years
it was glourious to see vanderbilt eat crow after all the shit talk and then they got crushed.
Lots of great action in Arkansas vs mizzou bbal and playing Florida in football and basketball. Georgia football is great
Ole Miss basketball over the past two years has gotten very testy. And the big win in JF1's first game back after all the trash talk was big.
Ole Miss bball fights in '13
Other than a few games (Arky in bball, UGA fball, SECCG), there aren't a lot of moments yet. -Mac6

Apparently 2013 football losses are pretty highly valued. South Carolina and Auburn both graded out pretty highly with basically one moment each. Meanwhile, the silliness of this year's Mizzou-Georgia battles got noticed, as did two years (and four games) of basketball intensity with Arkansas.

Fans (1-5 scale)

1. Arkansas (3.28)
2. Ole Miss (2.61)
3. Florida (2.41)
4. South Carolina (2.35)
5. Georgia (2.28)
6. Tennessee (2.19)
7. Alabama (1.94)
8. Auburn (1.88)
9. Kentucky (1.66)
10. Vanderbilt (1.19)
11. LSU (0.90)
12. Mississippi State (0.48)


Almost every experience I've had with opposing fans has been a pleasurable one. Athens was incredibly welcoming, as were the Auburn fans I met in Atlanta. Ole Miss' and Tennessee's commentariats butted heads with us, but that's about the extent of my animosity. - AA
Bama fans suck
Everyone seems to like georgia fans on the internet, but what i saw of their fans in 2012 was not what i would consider classy.
Florida fans went apesh*@ over the fans doing the Gator Chomp. One lady even wanted to fight me about it...
From a baseball perspective, Arky fans are worse than Horns and Nubs fans combined
Georgia fans are too darn nice, Ole Miss fans made us all angry with hate week, and SCar fans were really fun with the friendly rivalry stuff during football season.
Haven't felt any tension between fan bases really.
I hate Auburn, buncha jerks
I'll come out and say it... I'm sick of hearing "Roll Tide." Yes, it's annoying. On a sidenote... Auburn fans might have been my favorite.
it was funny to see kentucky fans hope the extra point kicks went over the net so they could throw the balls out of the stadium. that was the only joy they derived from that game.
Lots of talk will be about Ole Miss I'm sure, but I think there is a definite lack of respect from the Gator fans towards the Mizzou fanbase and that fuel will be flamed by the 67,000 person Troll Chomp, and of course we've all had our own issues with the nut jobs south of the border
Nobody gets a 5, and no one over 3 except Arky, because I remember the Nolan-Norm years. -Mac6
Ole Miss fans win for Hate Week and Satire bunch of Andres. Kentucky fans that I have dealt with seem to know very little about actual basketball which is upsetting. Finally the UT fans and the stats issue.
Ole Miss trying to hard to be hated, but not working fully
Other than general obnoxiousness on message boards from Tenn, Ala, and LSU fans, I have had no bad experiences with any fanbases. I am sure this will change as they start to accept that MU is a threat to their established pecking order.
SC fans know how to piss people off
South Carolina fans are the biggest hoosiers in the SEC
Tennessee fans were unexpectedly nice during the football trip to Knoxville in '12. Living in Atlanta, UGA fans can be annoying--even before the move--but have mostly been courteous since (no real "bad" moments).
UGA were obnoxious

The effect of the 2008 Cotton Bowl and DGB recruitment evidently still linger for Mizzou fans when it comes to Arkansas. And I cannot imagine LSU fans grade out below 1.0 after Mizzou's 2016 trip to Death Valley.

Intangibles (1-5 scale)

1. Arkansas (3.81)
2. South Carolina (3.22)
3. Ole Miss (3.00)
4. Florida (2.91)
5. Tennessee (2.47)
6. Alabama (2.45)
7. Georgia (2.40)
8. Auburn (2.26)
9. Kentucky (2.04)
10. Vanderbilt (1.50)
11. LSU (1.35)
12. Mississippi State (0.66)


bama, lsu and texas a&m fans are real annoying
bill c is gay
HOW DARE LSU TAKE OUR MASCOT!!! (Auburn gets a pass because, ya know, SEC championship game)
I hate Auburn bunch of old money jerks if you ask me.
I have a pre-existing hate for "that school up north" (aka Ole Miss) since I went to grad school at Miss State. Marshall Henderson's antics and the "Big 12 rejects" chant threw fuel on the fire.
I'm from Springfield. Oh course I hate ARkansas.
My hate boils deeply for the Piggies
SC angers me in football. Historic SEC arrogance irritates me. Calipari...
Suitcase mike who now coaches at Arkansas creates a lot of tension between the two teams
Tenn might be our new Nebraska. -Mac6
The Ole Miss fans were crap, the UT fans were silly, the Tenn fans, well they ran a coach out of town and deserve what they get. I HATE VANDERBILT'S COURT and now their mascot.
This is where Arkansas really picks up some ground. I want that rivalry to get mean, and soon. Tennessee has potential too. LET'S JUST HATE EVERYONE. - AA

Needless to say, Mizzou fans have been ready to hate Arkansas from Day 1, no matter how nice the people at Arkansas Fight are.


So here are the official Hate Standings, then.

1. Arkansas (13.0)
2. South Carolina (11.8)
3. Georgia (10.7)
4. Ole Miss (10.6)
5. Florida (10.6)
6. Tennessee (9.4)
7. Auburn (8.8)
8. Alabama (7.1)
9. Kentucky (7.0)
10. Vanderbilt (6.2)
11. LSU (3.8)
12. Mississippi State (2.0)

One day, Mississippi State. One day.