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Mizzou Links, 5-29-14: The softball roster thins out, and the SEC likes things as they are

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Missouri's softball roster gets thinned out a bit, the SEC likes recruiting rules as they are, Mizzou's Track & Field team goes to nationals, and ZOU ... FOREVER.

The Beef

1. A solid blow for #TeamStubble

It is perhaps easy to assume that Ehren Earleywine's personality -- something we love with all of our might around here -- is not necessarily one that meshes perfectly with every 19-year old who comes into his program. It is therefore not a surprise when a player transfers here and there. (It also probably isn't a surprise that when you bring in a huge load of freshmen at once, not all of them will stick around.) But we've never seen four transfer at one time before.

Now, the four who are leaving didn't exactly light the world afire last year. Kelli Schkade finished the year as a starter at 2B but hit .227 with three HRs and 16 RBIs with a .963 fielding percentage. Casey Stangel got lit up by major-conference opponents on the mound and hit .200 at the plate. Carlie Rose and Sarah Moore combined for 70 at-bats and 11 hits.

That they are gone won't have an inordinate, negative effect on next year's starting lineup. But they were also super-young, and it seemed there was potential here. One of the four would have probably broken through and played quite well next year. Plus, this ensures that a young team stays a little younger than it would otherwise have been. This hurts depth, even if it doesn't necessarily hurt the team's overall upside.

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In happier news...
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2. I would assume the SEC likes the rules the way they are, yeah

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3. This is a pretty good track & field program, y'all

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Women's Basketball
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6. I've come around on Amy Schumer

I didn't really give Amy Schumer's show a chance at first -- Comedy Central was tossing out awful shows to young comics left and right, and I didn't really know any reason why I should give her a chance. But she's grown on me a lot. She's legitimately funny. (This speech didn't hurt my perceptions of her either.)

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