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Mizzou Links, 5-30-14: Pinkel talks about concussions, SEC discusses 30-second shot clock

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Gary Pinkel talks about concussions and injuries, SEC heat maps are fun, and ... 30-second shot clock? I'm in.

Bill Carter

1. More from the SEC meetings

CBS Sports: How the SEC grapples with a post-Obama concussion world

[C]ollege football continues to grapple with the new realities of a world where player safety -- a concept no one actually opposes -- increasingly has legal and political consequences. The juxtaposition of evolving to a safer game while keeping football popular is never more apparent than in the SEC, the home of rabid football fans, high-priced coaches and an ultra competitive mentality that breeds national championships.

“I think when the president comes out and makes a statement the way he does without even adding more to it than that, I was just disappointed in the way he came out,” Missouri coach Gary Pinkel said. “Certainly, pee wee football is going to analyze (concussions), and that's good. In terms of making all the safety precautions and helmets checked out, that's good. I played pee wee football and I don't ever remember a player getting hurt in pee wee football. If they want to do more investigation and study, I think that's fine, that's good. You want to be transparent. But this is a great game and it helps so many people.” [...]

Pinkel, whose team won the SEC East last season, said NCAA hitting standards will be helpful. He said Missouri uses full pads for “thuds” during the season but doesn't allow players to be taken down to the ground.

“What we do after September is we're in shoulder pads on Tuesday and Wednesday,” Pinkel said. “From the beginning of October on, we don't go full pads. We found out we stay healthier, we're fresher and our players have a great attitude about it, and more importantly, I think it's safer.”

Power 5
CBS Sports: Mighty SEC has everything, nothing in common with NCAA's little guys

30-second shot clock? Yes, please! SEC basketball coaches approve experimentation of 30-second shot clock, league athletic directors must still approve

And hey, speaking of the SEC...

USA Today: Where the SEC gets its football players

2. Three months to South Dakota State

PowerMizzou: Opponents with Bite: 25-21
The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Stat Spotlight: A speedy MU offense is a healthy MU offense

3. Track prelims

MUTIGERS.COM: Tigers Qualify Seven on Day One of NCAA West Preliminaries
The Trib: No longer star-struck, MU's Dickerson focused on qualifying in steeplechase for national meet


Molly USA
MUTIGERS.COM: Kreklow, Team USA Sweep Through NORCECA Qualifier

Baseball pros
MUTIGERS.COM: Tigers in the Pros

KC Star: Kearney grad Ryan Zech’s ninth place finish in NCAA golf tourney is Mizzou’s best in 51 years

Swimming & Diving
MUTIGERS.COM: Reedy Places 12th at FINA Mexico Grand Prix


Eater: Sriracha Battle Over: City Council Drops Lawsuit and Public Nuisance Declaration