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Saturday Live Thread: Kickoff times, noisy home crowds, and bad math

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We know precisely when Mizzou's 2014 season will begin, home teams will be allowed to pump more noise during games, and Iowa State's athletic director might be really bad at smack talk.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Qualifying for the NCAA Track Championships is still ongoing, which means Mizzou's athletic year isn't officially over yet. Mizzou has three athletes looking for a spot tonight -- x. While we wait for those results, here are some talking points from yesterday afternoon...

1. An afternoon game in August

After consulting with The Beef, we're pretty sure the last non-evening kickoff for a season/home opener was probably ... 1999 against UAB? Long time. Hot. It's going to be hot.

2. This seems like a bad idea

Here's where "Sandstorm" at South Carolina becomes as ubiquitous as "Rocky Top" or "Boomer Sooner."

(And I finally connected the dots yesterday regarding the fact that Oklahoma and Tennessee play each other this year. Your ears, they will bleed, even just watching on television.)

3. Money good

I find myself desperately hoping that Jamie Pollard, the Iowa State athletic director, knew he was just slinging out some short-term smack that would come back in his face. I fear he didn't even realize that a) that $22M was with WVU and TCU receiving partial shares (which means it could go lower when WVU and TCU get full, equal money), b) the Longhorn Network still exists (and Texas is therefore making, what, $15 million more?), and c) the SEC Network goes live very soon. I fear this is another case of administrators with huge salaries proving they aren't actually much/any smarter than the average fan. But hey, congrats for making slightly more than the average SEC team this year, ISU. Does this mean we can drop the whole "Mizzou only left because of the money" thing?