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Sunday live thread: Mizzou Track has never looked deeper, and J'Den goes up against the best

What's on the docket for you on this lovely Sunday? For us: cleaning the house while Rally Baby is with the grandparents, cooking food for the week (tortellini with fennel and sausage!), and hopefully stealing some glances at the French Open fourth round.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

1. Ten in the finals

The Mizzou track & field team will be well represented in Eugene for the NCAA Track Championships. Pretty cool.

2. Hey, J'Den

J'Den Cox held his own at wrestling's World Team Trials yesterday, falling in the preliminary semifinals. Good experience, at the very least.

3. Hey, Jurgen

Stumbled across this old Sports Illustrated piece on Jurgen Klinsmann yesterday. The dramatic license taken by the writer is a bit much, but it's a fun read knowing where Klinsmann's career took him. The dude's thoughtful and interesting ... one has to give him that even when you disagree with him.