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Mizzou Links, 6-11-14: Tanner Owen commits, Ehren Earleywine talks about transfers

Kearney lineman Tanner Owen was offered at Mizzou's camp on Tuesday and committed on the spot. Also: Ehren Earleywine talked about transfers (incoming and outgoing) and "relational" assistants, and Sean Weatherspoon ruptures his Achilles. :(

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1. Tanner Owen commits

It feels like an annual tradition. Mizzou offers an in-stater at one of its local camps, and he commits on the spot. Throw in kids with previous offers who come to campus for camp and commit, and Mizzou tends to see a a healthy number of early-June commits. In the 2010 class, it was Jimmie Hunt (June 7). In 2011, it was Ian Simon (June 13). In 2012, it was Donavin Newsom (June 8) and Michael Scherer (June 10). In 2014, it was Logan Cheadle (June 13).

In the 2015 class, it's Tanner Owen. The Kearney lineman, always rather athletic, bulked up to 6'6, 270, showed the requisite athleticism at yesterday's Mizzou camp, got his offer, and pretty much immediately accepted the offer. Like Justin Britt and so many small-town MO linemen, he's nothing from a recruiting standpoint -- a two-star recruit with a "5.1" rating (one of the lowest two-star designations) -- but that doesn't really seem to matter when it comes to Missouri linemen. We'll take it!

Owen is the eighth member of Mizzou's 2015 class. He's the second lineman, joining Stilwell (Kan.) product A.J. Harris. Welcome, Tanner.

PowerMizzou: Quick Decision

"They told me a few months ago that if I came to camp, good things would happen," Owen said. "I think they're pretty pleased with me right now. They said they would talk to me tonight and say how they evaluate me.

"I think it's good news, so I'm just going to wait and cross my fingers."

Owen said that following his workout at Tuesday's camp. A few hours later, Missouri offered the two-star lineman, and he committed on the spot.

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Other camp links
The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Missouri Black & Gold One-Day Camp Notes

Steven Bedosky, son of former Missouri offensive lineman Mike Bedosky, was another one of the blackshirts.

The younger Bedosky is a 6-foot-3, 250-pound 2016 line prospect from Landmark Christian School in Fairburn, Georgia.

He said he doesn't have any offers yet, but his performance at the Missouri camp -- along with camping at Alabama last week -- have him gaining confidence heading into his junior season.

"At Bama, we did a lot of one-on-ones, and I did very well against those guys," Bedosky said. "Just show me I’m able to compete at levels I didn’t think I’d be able to."

The fact that his father went to Missouri? Well, that doesn't hurt.

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2. #Stubble speaks

Post-Dispatch: Earleywine ready to move forward

Earleywine resisted heaping too much praise on his class of incoming freshmen — "I’ve been burned so many times putting my opinion out there about incoming freshmen that I’m going to reserve comments until they prove they can do it at this level," he said — but Paige Lowery, the Iowa Gatorade player of the year, will be the team’s No. 2 pitcher by default. For now, she’ll be the only pitcher other than Finucane. But that will change soon, Earleywine said. He expects to have a Division I transfer on the team by as early as July.

"We’ll get one," he said. "At the very least we’ll get a warm body who can make a circular motion with her arm. At the very best it could be somebody who strikes out more people than (pitches) innings at the Division I level."

The Missourian: Missouri softball looks to replace transfers, assistants for next season

Earleywine said that each player had different reasons for leaving and that he wasn't surprised by their decisions.

But he acknowledged that his relationships with the four former players had ups and downs like every player he coaches. The ability to connect with the players was Bradley's forte, Earleywine said.

"Coach Bradley was such an encourager ... and we need that desperately because I'm not that guy," Earleywine said.

Earleywine said he plans to find someone with "relational" skills like Bradley's for next season.

Earleywine said he has coached with the same angry passion that fueled his success as a player at Missouri State University and Westminster College. But going forward, he said, he has made it a goal to build more amicable relationships with his players.

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3. Uggggggggh

No one will catch Danario Alexander in the "bad injury breaks" category, but Sean Weatherspoon is trying. Get well soon, Spooooooon. Weatherspoon Injured, Will Miss 2014 Season

4. O'Bannon, Day 2

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