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RMN After Dark: June 11th, 2014: World Cup Eve

"After Dark" is RMN's nightly* open thread for the community to talk about everything and anything. Treat it like a game thread. (*when I remember)

Tonight I think I'm coming down with a case of #WorldCupFever and have decided to call my shots

  • Allegiance lies with: Germany then USA then idk Ivory Coast?
  • Player most likely to root for: Bastian Schweinsteiger Germany
  • Player most likely to root against: Christiano Ronaldo Portugal
  • Top goalscorer: Thomas Müller Germany
  • Player most valuable to his country: Michael Bradley United States
  • Bold prediction: USMNT shocks a team (I'll go with Portugal)
  • Bolder prediction: USA gets out of their group
  • Boldest prediction: No one remembers who Landon Donovan is after this World Cup
  • Golden Boot winner: Thomas Müller Germany
  • World Cup winner: Brazil Brazil

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And a reminder that you can sign up for a World Cup via HHKBChris's fanpost here: