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Kim Anderson contract details announced

Compiled tweets regarding a deal wherein Mizzou agrees to pay Kim Anderson monies to coach basketball

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Joe Walljasper provides us with the specifics.

Kim Anderson's max contract value ($2.45 million) would tie him with John Beilein of Michigan and Travis Ford of Oklahoma State, as well as surpassing Jay Wright's $2.48 million at Villanova. His base salary of $1.1 million puts him somewhere between Greg McDermott at Creighton ($945,725) and Mark Few at Gonzaga ($1,187,536). SOURCE

It's interesting to me that Anderson's contract is tied into the oft cited attendance issues. It doesn't appear as though the bar has been set very high.

Let's not kid our selves, Mizzou would be getting off very cheap if any of these happen in the next 5 years:

Combining Anderson's $700,000 in bonuses not related to wins would actually exceed Shaka Smart's $699,200, Fred Hoiberg's $675,000, Bill Self' $525,000 and Billy Donovan's $454,000.

The difference between 12 and 14 wins is only $5,000 less than the value as an SEC regular season or tournament title, an NCAA appearance or COY award.

Check my math via this handy dandy breakdown tweeted by ABC17's Austin Kim:

As expected, the excellent David Morrison delves deeper into what this really means and draws the natural comparisons to Pinkel and the football program:

If I'm reading that right it would mean Anderson's ideal 5th year base salary would be $800,000.

Dave Matter's article on Kim Anderson's contract:

MU will allocate $900,000 annually for six staff members: three assistant coaches, director of basketball operations, strength coach and director of video operations.