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Mizzou Links, 6-17-14: Attrition happens, and Hoops has a fun 2014-15 slate

Cornerback Ernest Payton and defensive tackle DeQuinton Osborne are no longer on the Missouri roster. Plus, Mizzou's 2014-15 basketball schedule has come together nicely, and Kim Anderson isn't a fan of pay sites.

Bill Carter

1. A couple of scholarships just came open

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): CB Payton, DT Osborne no longer with Missouri football team
Post-Dispatch: Defensive backups leave MU

Ernest Payton and DeQuinton Osborne, two physically intriguing youngsters from Texas, are evidently not on the Mizzou roster anymore. It is both predictable and disappointing.

Predictable: They were both buried on the depth chart -- Payton because he's still working back from injury and Osborne because Mizzou returns every defensive tackle but Marvin Foster, so the opportunities to advance are limited.

Disappointing: They both had interesting physical characteristics. At 6'2, 210, Payton is a large cornerback, and at 6'0, 310, Osborne is an absolute bowling ball at tackle. Payton actually started the 2013 season ahead of both Aarion Penton and John Gibson on the depth chart, but his knee injury knocked him behind them with minimal hope of catching up anytime soon.

This is "Attrition happens" attrition, and it's never fun, but it frees up a couple of scholarships, and Mizzou doesn't lose any likely starters, so life goes on, I guess.

More on 2014
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2. Confirming what we already knew

MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou Announces Men's Basketball Game vs. Oklahoma State at Sprint Center
The Trib: Anderson not backing down with first year's schedule
The Trib (Courtside View): Alden, Anderson discuss scheduling in KC
Post-Dispatch: MU, Oklahoma State schedule basketball game
PowerMizzou: A Kansas City return
Fox Sports MW (Keeler): Why Mizzou is smart to play hoops games in Kansas City

Realy fun interview
Post-Dispatch: Anderson Q-&-A: 'I want to put a program together'

3. On the diamond(s)...

Softball #MIZ #USA Update (June 16)

Baseball Mizzou Baseball: Jersey Numbers (Updated)

4. Askren

The Trib: Askren is content outside the UFC

5. O'Bannon

SB Nation: Why the NCAA will not settle the O'Bannon case
SB Nation: NCAA lawyers on pretty much everything: 'OBJECTION' (Campus Union): Ed O'Bannon v. NCAA, day six: Determining whether big-time college athletes are students first (Andy Staples): NCAA fumbles during O'Bannon trial


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