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Mizzou Links, 6-27-14: Clarkson, Brown, and the decision to jump

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1. Tigers out, Tigers in

Clarkson drafted
MUTIGERS.COM: Jordan Clarkson Drafted No. 46 Overall, Headed To The Lakers
The Trib: Clarkson joining Lakers as a second-round pick
Post-Dispatch: Former Mizzou guard Clarkson heads to Lakers in draft-day trade
Fox Sports MW: Mizzou's Clarkson drafted in second round; Brown not selected

I continue to think that the initial draft projections, which come about three months or so before the draft, end up being the most accurate, in both football and basketball. Once the in-or-out draft list is set, we get some rough rankings, and then we undergo a long, drawn-out dance, in which certain players work out really well (or don't) and move up or down draft charts. And then, in the end, guys are picked where they were originally projected.

This might be completely incorrect, mind you. It's a 5am theory. But it was certainly the case for the NFL draft, and it was certainly the case for Jordan Clarkson and Jabari Brown. Clarkson impressed in the workouts (as we knew he would) and started getting first-round buzz ... and then was picked in the middle of the second round, about where we expected him to be picked when he initially declared for the draft. And Jabari Brown, despite shooting well in the tryouts, went undrafted.

We won't call anything a mistake or great decision at this stage because we have no idea what will happen moving forward; Phil Pressey coming out and going undrafted seemed bad at first, but then he caught on with the Celtics anyway. Still, it's hard not to picture Clarkson improving his stock to first-round level with another year at point guard, and it's hard not to at least kind of picture Brown improving his stock to second-round level with another 18+ PPG season. But they can also improve their stock, so to speak, by simply playing really well moving forward.

Isabell commits
The Trib: Isabell commits to MU basketball team
Post-Dispatch: Seattle point guard commits to Mizzou
The Missourian: Tramain Isabell commits to Missouri basketball
Fox Sports MW: Anderson shores up point guard spot with another recruit

J3 speaks
PowerMizzou: Summer Sessions: J3

2. 9 weeks, 1 day to South Dakota State (VIDEO): Rivals Spotlight: Desean Blair

PowerMizzou: Brown moves up decision date
PowerMizzou: No rush for Saint-Amour

MUTIGERS.COM: Help Name Faurot Field's New Upper Deck and Tailgating Terrace

3. The Truman Juggernaut

MUTIGERS.COM: Truman The Tiger Named 2014 Mascot National Champion 2014 NCA & NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship

4. O'Bannon

Senator Blutarsky: You may say Donald Remy’s a dreamer…


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Loved the out-of-nowhere Canada jab there...