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Mizzou Links, 6-3-14: Mizzou hires Spurs strength guy, Maclin's not hurt

Kim Anderson hires former Spurs strength coach Matt Herring, most 2014 football signees are either on campus or will be soon, Jeremy Maclin's not hurt, and the "Division IV" threat is more of a "New Division 1A" threat.

Darren Carroll

1. If he can make a bunch of 48-year old Spurs play like 24-year olds...

...he's good enough for me. Mizzou Basketball Hires Athletic Performance Coach Matt Herring
The Trib: Tigers hire former Spurs strength coach Herring
Post-Dispatch: Mizzou basketball hires strength coach
KC Star: Missouri hires Matt Herring as new men's basketball strength and conditioning coach

And speaking of basketball...

Post-Dispatch (Gordon): Anderson delivers more than good PR


2. Raiding the student directory for info on incoming freshmen

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): MU Signing Class Enrollment Update

Sounds like Greg Taylor is a potential qualification risk. That would be a shame, simply because I think there's a spot in the rotation for a true freshman at safety. (Hello, Tavon Ross.)

3. Thank you, John Infante...

...the whole "If we don't get autonomy, we'll take our ball and go to a new Division, but you'll still totally be involved in the NCAA Tournament" threat has always sounded more like a new Division 1A than this "Division IV" thing. Now John's written it so I don't have to.

Sporting News: Why Mike Slive's Division IV will never happen

4. Next year's No. 2, I guess?

The Trib: Iowa pitching phenom Lowery eager to start at MU

5. Don't you dare, Jeremy...

Bleeding Green Nation: Eagles OTAs: Jeremy Maclin says he's OK following brief injury scare


SB Nation: America's greatest foe is once again its own fullbacks
Howler Magazine: How the discovery of Mikkel Diskerud launched the USMNT worldwide search for talent

7. Two of my favorite personalities...

Eater: The 11 Best Lines from Alton Brown on Andrew Zimmern's Podcast

8. A happy birthday to one of the world's most underrated musicians...

...Curtis Mayfield, who would have been 72 today.