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State of the Nation - Exposing the Mizzouminati

We know they exist, but what does this powerful secret society actually do? Thanks to some exhaustive investigation, we now have a rough idea.

We've been aware of the Mizzouminati's existence for a few months now, but beyond that knowledge our understanding of the organization is seriously lacking. This was a problem. How far does the Mizzouminati's influence reach? How could we be expected to go about our daily routines when they could be subject to the whims of this secret society? Our well-being demanded answers, so down the rabbit-hole I went.

What I uncovered will shock you. The Mizzouminati has a very real, and very powerful council of leaders. Its members boast a wide variety of backgrounds, and their influence extends much farther than we could have ever imagined. Hollywood, Nashville, Bristol, these are just a few iconic locations harboring a major player. Below, you'll find a rare glimpse of the council during a meeting. Take a look behind the curtain, friends.


Two coaches, two actors, a singer, a mascot, a reporter, a player, and two administrators. All major public figures in their own right. If you weren't intimidated before, you certainly will be now. It's time to pull our heads out of the sand. Get educated, y'all. #StayWoke