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Saturday live thread: Quin's a head coach, Heard's a Duck, and Mizzou's #PitcherU

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

1. Quin Snyder is the head coach of the Utah Jazz

It basically took 100 months, but Quin Snyder is all the way back. After the disastrous end to his Missouri tenure, which involved shaking crackers, complete on-court collapse, NCAA probation, popcorn, and (after he started avoiding Mike Alden at all costs) Gary Link, Snyder rebuilt his résumé from scratch. He coached in the D-League, he coached in Russia, he was an assistant for the 76ers, Lakers, and Hawks, and now, more than eight years after leaving Columbia, he's the head coach of the Jazz. We all like a good redemption tale, right?

2. Eddie Heard is a Duck

Heard is a 2014 recruit, a JUCO guy who chose Missouri over Oregon and Washington ... and now calls Eugene home. Recruiting, man.

3. Pitcher U

Brett Graves was selected in the third round of the MLB Draft by the As. Keaton Steele was selected in the eighth round by the Twins. Mizzou hasn't been able to score runs for about half a decade now, but it continues to crank out pro pitchers.

Seriously ... just a little bit of offense, and this would be a damn fine program.