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Grassroots basketball, July recruiting and Jabari Brown Summer League highlights

Yesterday, July 9th, at 5:00 p.m. marked the start of July’s live recruiting period, a series of three five-day stretches where coaches are allowed to be on the road evaluating and scouting some of the nation’s top prospects.

First off, this tweet from Thon Maker's visit to Mizzou provides just enough promise that you almost maybe think that something actually did impress him during his visit. Doesn't hurt to have Kim English working double duty recruiting either.

Newest coach Rob Fulford is already hitting the trail. Wish I knew who he was visiting in those cities.

I stumbled upon this article differentiating "grassroots" basketball from what is commonly and often negatively referred to as "AAU-ball". It's easy to see why and how there is such a pervasive influence of agents, scouts and brands in basketball because it starts very early in their process.

A college basketball fan’s guide to the current grassroots basketball scene | CollegeBasketballTalk

What is grassroots basketball? Like almost every sport in America now, basketball is a year-round endeavor complete with spring and summer travel basketball and fall leagues and camps between high school seasons. In the spring and summer, teams of high school players form with other players in their area — or sometimes from a state or two away for bigger and more prominent programs — and travel a schedule of weekend tournaments or play in a league.

When are college coaches allowed at grassroots events? The open period for grassroots events was only one weekend in April, but it will be for 15 days in July:

July 9-13

July 16-20

July 23-27

July Live Period Preview: 15 names that you need to know | CollegeBasketballTalk

Thon Maker: "No wild player comparisons here, but the 7-foot-1 Maker is clearly a player to watch this month. Sure there’s the skill level, which makes him one of the most sought-after players regardless of class, but there’s also the question of which class he’ll be a part of. Will he stay in the 2016 class, or will he reclassify into the 2015 class?" – RJ


Jayson Tatum: "Tatum’s got all kinds of potential. A smooth and skilled 6-foot-7 wing, Tatum can play and defend multiple positions. He needs to add strength to his frame, but the top five recruit and St. Louis-native will have his pick of colleges." – RD

Jabari Brown had a pretty nice highlight reel in a loss to the 76ers:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Finally, I forgot to include these Mizzou Network interviews with Namon Wright, D'Angelo Allen and Jakeenan Gant