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GP Vineyards: A Slice of Napa Valley in the Heart of Missouri

We are all acquainted with Gary Pinkel the football coach, but how well do we know Gary Pinkel the oenologist?

For reservations please contact Zelda, our event planner.
For reservations please contact Zelda, our event planner.
Jack Peglow

Many of us, at one point or another, have wondered just what it is our fearless football leader does during his offseasons. Does he vacation somewhere? Catch up on a few good books? Grab the golf clubs and play a round or two? We could only guess as to what activities Gary Pinkel filled his summer with. Until now, that is.

When he isn't coaching football, Pinkel spends his time at GP Vineyards – a winery that he owns and operates. Perhaps he was inspired by Johnny Manziel's brewery, or maybe he wanted to take advantage of Missouri's ideal grape-growing climate. Whatever the reason, Pinkel has been dedicating his free time to the art of oenology for some time now, and the results are better than you would expect. Below, you'll find GP Vineyards' three staple wines. Each has a unique, pleasing taste that any wine aficionado would enjoy.

Motorin' Merlot


This full-bodied, dry red is highlighted by a fresh, fruity start and a smooth, sweet finish. Gary likes to take his two and three star grapes and really coach them up as he fits them into their role in the wine. In doing this, he believes that he maximizes the potential of all his grapes, which helps the Motorin' Merlot achieve a collective taste that can compete with even the wines that use exclusively five star grapes.

Championship Chardonnay


A refreshing, citrusy wine that has exceeded all of our expectations. After a rough year full of injured grapes, this zesty white entered our taste tests without much fanfare and proceeded to blow us all away. Thanks to an abundance of inspirational ingredients, the Championship Chardonnay's crisp, fresh flavor rapidly became an all-time favorite amongst GP fans.

Continuity Cabernet Sauvignon


In Gary's own words, "This wine does what it does." It boasts a complex, oak-aged taste that speaks to the experience of the grapes. Using a tried and true recipe that involves promoting the attributes of the grapes from within, this wine has kept a consistent flavor throughout the years. That consistency has become a major selling point in an industry where so many things are in constant flux. We are all proud to call this a #MizzouMade vintage.