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SEC Media Days Bingo

Step your SEC Media Days watch game up a notch with a little pinch of bingo.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Today is the big day! Gary Pinkel, Evan Boehm, Markus Golden, and Maty Mauk will all be saying a whole bunch of words in a mall in Hoover, Alabama later this morning – starting at 9:30am CST to be exact – and I'm sure you'll all be glued to your televisions like the good SEC fans that you are.

Normally, watching Pinkel avoid answering a slew of question is entertaining enough by itself, but we decided to crank the fun dial up to 17. When you sit down and prepare yourself to be immersed in the spectacle that is SEC Media Days, do so with our SEC Media Days bingo card!

We'll be playing along and keeping track of everything, so you can expect us to make it abundantly clear when you can check something off.

Have any ideas for additional squares? Let us know in the comments! And remember: we're all using the same card here because all of us are winners and everyone should love everyone. Participation trophies sold separately.

Just kidding, the winner get's a Bill C-Note.