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Saturday live thread: Your "Let's do this" point

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

A friend of mine is in town for the Show-Me Games and went to last night's opening ceremonies. (He saw J'Den Cox sing the national anthem.) I guess at some point, he saw Evan Boehm say that the whole offensive line was growing mullets this season, and i realized ... I'm officially ready for the season. Granted, I have a big feature and an enormous feature to finish soon. Granted, I've still got 20 team previews to write. And granted, Mizzou 2014 Walkthroughs aren't set to post for another couple of weeks. So I'm not technically ready for the season. But I officially became mentally ready this week. The World Cup's over. Media Days have passed. The football players are posting more on Twitter (and this year's team is weird as hell, and in the best possible way). The stupid debates are picking up. Yeah. It feels like football season. Let's do this.

On this lovely Saturday, my Saturday Live Thread questions are simple: Have you passed your mental "Let's do this" point yet? And what is your "Let's do this" point? Media days? Fall practice reports? The moment the bowl game clock strikes :00?