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Saturday live thread: Keeping Mizzou out of the headlines

Mizzou stayed mostly under the radar during a really stupid news week. That's good. Now do it again.

1. So ... peruse today's SBN college football news section, and you find ... crap. Lots of it. Star recruit at OU may have punched a woman at a Pickleman's. Half of the Texas football team getting kicked off. Lots of assault, lots of stupidity. This might have been the dumbest week in the history of players-being-dumb-in-the-offseason weeks.

A) How much would you pay to keep Mizzou out of the news for another couple of weeks?


2. On the CFB news page, you'll also find a couple of former Mizzou targets -- Ohio lineman George Brown and Kansas tight end Josh Moore -- committing to Florida and Ohio State, respectively. We knew that Brown had crossed Mizzou off a while ago, but the conventional wisdom was that the Tigers were still in pretty good shape with Moore. Alas.

Mizzou is still well-positioned for a lot of its high-priority recruits, and the class is still already half-full. But it's funny how the absence of good news creates a THINGS ARE FALLING APART!!! vibe, especially at certain corners of the Internet. August was a pretty big month for Tiger recruiting last year, which was rare. We'll see if that's the case again this year.

3. So what's up? Saturday plans? It's supposed to be 95 and stormy in Columbia, which ... LOL YUCK.