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Sunday live thread: The order of importance

Bill Carter

So Mizzou's going to have potential all-conference weapons at quarterback, center, and defensive end with solid-at-worst play at running back, the rest of the offensive line, defensive tackle, WLB, and strong safety and youth and/or question marks at receiver and the rest of the back seven. More or less. What does that actually mean? What are the most important positions in your opinion?

1. Rank the most important positions on Mizzou's offense (QB, RB, WR-X, WR-Z, SLOT, TE, LT, LG, C, RG, RT). Where is strength a must, and where might you be able to hide weaknesses?

2. Rank the most important positions on Mizzou's defense (DE, DT, NT, DE, SLB, MLB, WLB, CB, CB, FS, SS).

If you don't want to do that, just skip to...

3. What's up today, guys? Kind of a weird looking weather day in Columbia -- up to 82 by 9am but never higher than 89. Mrs. Bill C and I will be continuing our (relatively new) quest of walking every inch of every trail in Columbia when the grandparents take Rally Baby, then grilling some ham steak and corn this evening. Your turn!