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Mizzou Links, 7-30-14: Levi Copelin suspended, Tiger linebackers young

Levi Copelin has been suspended by the NCAA for the 2014 season after taking a legal, banned, over-the-counter substance. Also: Mizzou's linebackers are really young, Linas Kleiza isn't playing in the world championships, and #TeamStubble adds a JUCO hitter.

Bill Carter

What's On

We're getting pretty deep into ESPN's best games of 2013 list. The end of Ole Miss-Vandy is on ESPNU right now, then airs again at 9 a.m. CT. Oklahoma-Oklahoma State airs at 6 p.m. CT, then UCF-Louisville follows at 9 p.m. (I wish they'd show the pared-down, two-hour versions, but what can you do...)


As you may have seen, Mizzou scored its 10th commitment for the class of 2015 last night. We'll discuss him in a separate post. Instead, let's talk suspension!

Well that's pretty unfortunate/dumb
The Trib (Behind the Stripes): NCAA suspends Missouri WR Levi Copelin for 2014 season
KC Star: MU receiver Levi Copelin suspended by NCAA for 2014 season
Post-Dispatch: NCAA suspends Mizzou receiver for 2014 season
The Missourian: NCAA suspends Missouri football's Levi Copelin for the season

I wasn't expecting world-beater numbers from Levi Copelin this year, but he was a warm body and a potentially explosive guy. Without him, Mizzou's depth takes an obvious hit and opens the door for probably more than one true freshman to join the rotation. This unit could end up just fine, but each departure/suspension further thins out Mizzou's margin for error -- now the Tigers need for a freshman or two to step up and play a role; it isn't a luxury. Might happen, might not.

Five days to camp!
The Trib (Behind the Stripes): FALL CAMP ROLL CALL: Linebackers

Missouri entered last season in a somewhat similar situation, just not quite as dire. Andrew Wilson was the experienced hand, just with a whole extra year of starting under his belt than Brothers has this season. Donovan Bonner played the "experienced backup lifer" role Ruise is playing this year, just with more experience and further up the depth chart at the start of fall ball.

Then you at least had Brothers last year, who had a year of fairly steady game action to fall back on when being thrust into an expanded role.

This year? Nada.

So, while Gary Pinkel has said that the combination of Brothers, Scherer, Newsom and Green could give Missouri one of its most athletic linebacking corps in his time at the school -- and that's a good thing -- all the athleticism in the world can't save a defense if its middle level is freezing when confronted with game speed.

Not saying that will happen. Missouri just has a lot more catching up to do on its two-deep than it did last year.

Every dire word David Morrison says here about the linebackers' experience levels is true; Mizzou's extremely green. But damned if I just can't worry about it that much. We've heard so many good things about so many different young linebackers -- Michael Scherer, Donavin Newsom, Eric Beisel -- that I just kind of assume there will be two solid players next to Brothers. I could be wrong. Or a couple of injures could open up a pretty big gash on the depth chart. But for now, at this very second, this is not a concern of mine.

Post-Dispatch: Countdown to Camp: Mizzou receivers
Post-Dispatch: Improved line play marks Mizzou's progress in SEC

Some other recruiting links to tide you over - Hot Board: Defense - Hall ready to announce

In the pros
KC Star: Chiefs’ backup QB Chase Daniel knows Bray, Murray are coming for his job


Hey, Wes
MUTIGERS.COM: Get To Know Wes Clark

Q: What's been your impression of Kim Anderson?

WC: "We have a big emphasis on defense. It's our main focus. That's a great thing to preach and this coaching staff does a great job of teaching us the way to play it right."

Q: How do you hope to make an impact with the freshman guards coming in?

WC: "I'll just try to guide them and help them avoid some of the same obstacles I went through. It's about keeping everyone on the same path to try and guide this team to a championship."

Q: What skills are you refining heading into next year?

WC: "Mainly focusing on defense. That was one of our big weaknesses last year. We weren't as good as we should have been. We're focusing on defense and letting that create for our offense and create for our ball handlers."

Hey, Linas Lithuanians everywhere reel from the announcement that Linas Kleiza won't play in the World Championship


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Women's Basketball
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