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Mizzou Links, 7-31-14: Golden's ready to shine, Mauk's got a high baseline

Wait, is that right? Today's July 31? So tomorrow's ... AUGUST?

Kevin C. Cox

What's On

Welp ... it looks like ESPNU has gotten to No. 7 on its Top 25 College Football Games of 2013 countdown, airing tonight at 6pm CT. For some reason South Carolina and Missouri only played three quarters instead of the customary four. I can't remember why, exactly, but all I know is, nothing happened after the third quarter ended.

But yeah, stop watching around 8pm or so, and that's some pretty good evening viewing! Case in point:


Camp starts in four days!
The Trib (Behind the Stripes): FALL CAMP ROLL CALL: Defensive Line

[Golden]'s like a bigger, stronger, faster Michael Sam, with comparable work ethic. He's never truly out of a play, and he can throw a varied set of power and speed moves at an offensive lineman when he's trying to get to the quarterback.

He built up a close camaraderie with fellow St. Louisan Kony Ealy last season and that's not a terrible thing to have, considering Ealy was a first-team All-SEC player and second-round draft pick. There are worse players to try and emulate.

And he probably had the opportunity to go in the NFL Draft last year and be a high- to mid-round pick, but he said he wanted to come back because he set a goal to start at Missouri when he was a kid.

Post-Dispatch: Countdown to Camp: Mizzou backfield

If Mauk were to average 34.8 pass attempts over a 12-game regular-season, and using his completion percentage (51.1), yards per attempt average from last year (8.1), touchdown rate and interception rate, here’s how his numbers would look:

418 attempts … 214 completions … 3,344 yards … 35 TDs … 7 INTs … 142.68 quarterback rating

How would those numbers stack up in the SEC and across the nation? Using last year’s SEC starting quarterbacks — most of whom have moved onto the NFL — Mauk’s extrapolated numbers would have ranked like this in the SEC (and nationally):

8.1 yards per attempt: 7th (27th)

142.68 QB rating: 8th (35th)

35 TDs: 2nd (6th)

278.7 yards per game: 3rd (18th)

PowerMizzou: Powered Up: A new Normal

More on Richaud Floyd
PowerMizzou: Commitment Breakdown: Richaud Floyd

SEC(N)! SEC (N!)
MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou Athletics Enters Final Stage Before SEC Network Launch

In the pros
Pro Football talk: Bucs sign Kip Edwards, officially cut Carl Nicks


Still in it for Jimmy Whitt
PowerMizzou: Recruiting Roundup: 7/30


MUTIGERS.COM: Gibson, Crow Dazzle at Kauffman Stadium

MUTIGERS.COM: Mizzou Volleyball to be Featured on NCAA All-Access

Women's Basketball
MUTIGERS.COM: On the Prowl: Summer Highlights

Coach for College
MUTIGERS.COM: Tigers Spend the Summer in Service Through Coach for College


So ... Janelle Monae put out a new video yesterday. It actually made me miss the 1990s for a few minutes.

And while we're talking about female artists I'd follow to the ends of the earth, I picked up (and by that, I mean I downloaded) Jenny Lewis' new album yesterday. Haven't gotten a chance to dive in yet, but it gives me an excuse to post her new(ish) video, too.