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Mizzou Links, 7-7-14: Hoops strength and an undefeated wrestling recruit

Basketball players build functional strength with Matt Herring, an undefeated wrestler named Jaydin, and Molly Kreklow might be the most awesome woman in the NCAA

Bill C. gets mainstream ink talking about this man
Bill C. gets mainstream ink talking about this man
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports


New strength coach prepares Tigers for long haul - Columbia Daily Tribune

No Missouri basketball player’s day is complete without an hour or so spent with new strength coach Matt Herring in the Mizzou Arena weight room.

A peek into the weight room on a weekday afternoon reveals players curling dumbbells and doing squats, but they’re also hopping from side to side in a drill obviously designed to simulate a defensive slide.

"Our philosophy with the way we train our guys is we’re looking to train movements, not muscles," Herring said. "So it’s the ability to help identify movement patterns and movements that are going to translate to on the court."

Freshmen D’Angelo Allen, Namon Wright and Jakeenan Gant are doing their first significant weight training, and they might have envisioned a program with heavier loads.

"It’s some weird stuff, but it’s helping," Allen said. "Regardless of if it seems weak or not, we come into the dorms sore."

Allaying concerns leads to a busy summer for new MU basketball coach - Columbia Missourian

In which Bill C. continues his march into the mainstream by being quoted by mainstream media. Now about those credentials...

In two months on the job, Anderson hasn't coached a game yet — he hasn't even led an official practice — but when it comes to addressing his perceived faults, he's attacked them with vigor.

"(Anderson) has had a phenomenal summer," said Bill Connelly, a manager of the Missouri sports site "Rock M Nation," which provides analysis and opinion on basketball, football and other sports.


Clayton verbally commits to Tigers - Columbia Daily Tribune

Clayton, a three-time Class 1 state champion who has yet to lose a high school match, gave MU Coach Brian Smith a verbal commitment on Tuesday to wrestle for the Tigers.

"I was thinking about a lot of other places," Clayton said, noting Penn State and Nebraska, "but really I think Mizzou feels like family to me."

Cox was a big reason Missouri felt like home to Clayton.

"He lives at my house actually," Clayton said. "We’re like brothers almost."


Kreklow nominated for 2014 NCAA Woman of the Year - Columbia Daily Tribune
Missouri's Kreklow nominated for NCAA woman of the year - Columbia Missourian