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2014 Missouri Walkthrough: Eddie Printz and Marvin Zanders

Eddie Printz wowed with his scout-team accuracy in 2013, and Marvin Zanders wowed with his speed in the spring game. Both are battling to become Maty Mauk's eventual successors this fall.

Bill Carter

Eddie Printz

6'2, 215, RSFr.

Bill C.: His nearly perfect August scrimmage performances made us wonder if he was the eventual heir to James Franklin's crown, and not Maty Mauk or Corbin Berkstresser. He looked infinitely more human this spring -- not bad, mind you, but not amazing -- and finished No. 3. He's still positioning himself for a strong run at the starting job in the post-Mauk universe, but his only goal for now is beating out Berkstresser at No. 2.

Printz's mechanics are by far the most natural of any current Mizzou quarterback. At times, he can almost look too mechanical, but that's a problem you can live with when you're talking about a redshirt freshman. He's a good looking backup, and for all we know, he could be the top backup by August 30.

The Beef: Here is who I think will be No. 2 on the depth chart for the season once all is said and done from the summer and two-a-days. Printz may still be living a bit off the almost mythical output he had on the scout team, but he managed to avoid getting the redshirt removed after the injuries to JF and Corb, then had a solid spring. Do I expect to see him used the way Mauk was perhaps intended to be used last year with a drive per game? I do not expect that. I expect Printz to be used only when games are out of hand (as hopefully a few will be). Beyond that, I believe Printz’s name only becomes more impactful once Mauk departs the program.

countrycal: Eddie came with great possibilities and has done nothing to discourage Tiger fans about his abilities. I think, however, that he will eventually get swallowed up by the team’s depth at this position. As I said above, I believe the coaches are going to give Berkstresser first chance as the backup this year, and he will take that position. Printz was good enough to stand off a challenge to his hopes to quarterback the Tigers in years to come by Trent Hosick, but I don’t think he will be able to do so against Marvin Zanders who is lurking behind him.

wooderson: intrepid zed

Marvin Zanders (Fr.)

6'2, 185, Fr.

The Beef: I dont have much to say about Marvin Zanders except for, "Holy crap he is fast." I believe this is just about what came out of my mouth at the end of the Spring Game when Zanders saw his first action as a Tiger, having only arrived on campus 3 months before. Zanders, in what is basically a game of two-hand touch for a QB, took a carry deep in his own end, got through the line and was not going to be caught by anyone on the field, and perhaps by anyone on the sideline as well. It likely spawned from discussion/rumor about possible use for Zanders in the offense this season. I doubt we see that, but we certainly might in 2015 after a red-shirt season.

Bill C.: Zanders is indeed holy-crap fast, and it raises an interesting question. Assuming he redshirts this year, he's still, barring injury, not going to be in line for a starting position until 2017, when Maty Mauk is gone. So in 2015-16, does he at least temporarily change positions to see the field? Devin Gardner did it at Michigan when Denard Robinson was still the starting QB, moving to WR for a few games. A.J. Derby, the backup at Arkansas, appears to be dabbling in the tight end position while remaining the No. 2 QB. If Zanders can carve out a brief niche at WR (which, at his size, would be by far the most sensible option), is it worth it to let him do so and, presumably, give him less reps at QB?

countrycal: Like The Beef, I see nothing but redshirt for Marvin this year. That is a good thing, because it means we are building quality depth on our team in an extremely important position.

In the long run, I believe he will catch and pass Eddie Printz for the position of next starting quarterback after Maty Mauk challenges a few Chase Daniel records.

switzy227: Zanders is the most intriguing player in this position group, due to his youth and under-the-radar-ness. I assume he redshirts this season, so it won’t really be until next year that we start to find out just where he ends up on the depth chart. But if he doesn’t at least threaten to start for a season or two during his Mizzou career, I will be surprised.

wooderson: rad zen van rims, sir van dram zen