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2014 Missouri Walkthrough: Incoming freshmen will have to make a difference in 2015

Missouri brought in three rather similar freshman ends in the 2014 recruiting class: Rocel McWilliams, Spencer Williams, and Walter Brady. Which one will position himself for a strong move up the depth chart in 2015?

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Rocel McWilliams

6'3, 245, Fr.

The Beef: This class of DE’s is pretty important because of how the classes are currently balanced and how they may fall I don't expect (necessarily) to see any of these three play, but I suppose it would not surprise me if one saw some time. From a background and measurables standpoint, McWilliams, Williams and Brady are pretty close to one another (Florida or Alabama high schools, 6’3 to 6’4, 225 to 240 pounds), so I cant say I have a feeling who might be able to step up quickly and earn some time.

Of course, with the depth of interior linemen and the size/speed of some of them, it could be possible one of them bounces outside on short yardage sets. Anyway, I imagine I have not done much services to Messrs McWilliams, Williams and Brady, so I will say that I like McWilliams the best because I like Pensacola more than Jacksonville (Williams) and Florence, AL (Brady). Now how is that for in-depth coverage?

countrycal: Rocel McWilliams is a three-star freshman who was recruited as a strongside defensive end. He is still somewhat light at about 245 pounds but was recruited heavily at the end of the year by Florida who thought he could step onto the field this year and play for them. I think the degree to which Harris and Loud perform will determine how many, if any, of the true freshmen will get to see the field. If one does, Rocel would probably be the one chosen if strongside help is required.

AlaTiger: Who can argue with The Beef’s in-depth assessment of the freshmen?

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Spencer Williams

6'4, 230, Fr.

The Beef: Seems like I shared all my thoughts about Mr. Williams above.

countrycal: Spencer was a three-star recruit from Florida who is reported to be very quick off the ball. He is only about 225 pounds, and might have a better chance of playing on special teams than in the trenches. Spencer flipped his commitment in the last week to come to Mizzou.

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Walter Brady

6'3, 255, Fr.

The Beef: Yep...see above :-)

countrycal: Walter is another weakside defensive end who flipped his commitment at the last minute to come to Mizzou. He is a two-star athlete from Alabama who is also known for his speed and determination. Weighing in at 245 pounds may give him an advantage over Williams if help is needed on the weak side.

Grant Jones has also been mentioned from time to time as a candidate for defensive line, though he was primarily recruited as a linebacker/athlete. Just considering his pedigree, I would not be totally surprised if he ended up in the equation should extra help be needed beyond the top four defensive ends.

Bill C.: Walter Brady had the lowest recruiting rankings of these three players. That clearly means he's going to be the best. #analysis

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